Gift of a wedding

Wedding Hair BlogPosted by Lauren Wed, August 30, 2017 21:39:01

Last month I put my name forward to a local charity called ‘Gift of a wedding’ an amazing organisation that helps give a dream wedding to people with a terminal illness where they have little time and funds to plan their special day.

Companies and suppliers offer to help with various acts of kindness, to make the day special; and it was something I really wanted to support.

However I was nervous ....yes I know!
That sounds so odd, it’s not MY wedding day!
I’ve done countless brides hair, it’s become second nature.

But I think I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, and I think that’s what stopped me from putting my name forward in the past.

So I wanted to write this to show my experience, in hope that it would encourage others to take part too!

So for this particular charity (and I expect in most cases, because of the delicate nature of the job and time issues) you don’t get much notice.
‘Gift of a wedding’ post on Facebook to ask for help just a few weeks before the big day, and they will post a general location, so it’s great you can have a basic idea of travel time and the date before you get in touch.

*saves wasting time, another fear I had!

You need to have your insurance info on hand really, have it ready to go!

Once that’s been sorted I received a contract type form, most of the info didn’t apply to me, but it was little things to keep the day running smoothly, and lots of common sense, I’m not so confident in reading (dyslexia) but it wasn’t scary!
I liked that they reminded you to keep positive and kept a happy vibe, it set the tone!

I was then put in touch with the bride and groom, the company were fantastic at telling me who to contact (in this case, it was the groom, not the norm for wedding hair, but they explained that the bride was having a lot of hospital appointments,
again i didn’t want to call at a bad time, so it was thoughtful!)

We swapped a few texts (as trials were not possible at such notice!) and I arranged a time and location...

On the day, I was nervous driving, it was hard not having had a trial or much of a chat, so I just hoped the bride was happy with her hair on the day!

But the atmosphere was lovely, it was a gorgeous giggly morning and her best friend was just as Disney obsessed as me (bonus!) there were a few other suppliers on board making her morning special, a MUA, Photographer and videographer.

I don’t think it really felt like anything other than any other wedding morning until later that night, I couldn’t help feeling happy and a little overwhelmed by the help what was given, photography especially, it’s all day and all night with days of editing!

It was so kind, it definitely has the side effect of leaving you with a little glow!

Lets face it if you’re in this job, making brides happy makes you happy (or you’re in the wrong job!). The added bonus of helping a charity and a bride in need was something that was important to me.
I had my own reasons for helping out, but I also think sometimes you can forget that your job does in fact make a difference to someone’s day!

I think I forget that it can not only take pressure off what most women find a stressful morning but it also reminds you why you love what you do.

Now I’m by no means posting this for a reaction, it's not about that, and its definitely not the reason to do something like this.
I’m posting this to give insight to other suppliers, to understand a situation you’re not used trials, no contact, not even knowing the brides name or exact location until a few days before, it was very daunting!

It was a mixed bag of emotions, but now I know what to expect it’s something I look forward to volunteering for again!
I do feel it’s the job of the suppliers to keep the vibe of the room happy (it’s a pretty big day after all!) but I feel that’s the same with any morning.

It was a little hard just turning up and introducing yourself, then just trying to get the hair perfect on the first try!
But it definitely gives you confidence in your abilities when the bride is happy!
It felt precious.

I can definitely recommend Gift of a wedding as a charity to support and enjoying your job for the day on a whole new level. (and it not feeling like work!)

Sign up! Give it a go! Don’t be nervous!
You will be helping a family build memories to treasure forever X

If you can't help with supplies then why not make a donation to
Gift of a wedding

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Biggest regrets from brides!

Wedding Hair BlogPosted by Lauren Fri, December 30, 2016 21:04:09

Biggest regrets from brides!

So I’ve been doing wedding hair a long time, and I’m very lucky because I’m also a fully qualified hairdresser, a lot of brides have me cut and colour their hair on the run up to the big day… and those crazy lot even invite me back!

It’s absolutely lovely, a lot of the brides I did in my first or second year in business are now asking me to style their hair for maternity shoots or cut there little ones hair…they just can’t get rid of me!

And of course in the run up to and after the big event… it’s all wedding chat!

Now I’m only a hairdresser, I can only really advise you on hair!

But it’s so heart-breaking to hear brides regret something on there almost perfect day, that future brides may be undecided on!

Biggest regret-

Getting a friend to do their photos, I hear this so much! The friend getting drunk, and taking wobbly photos…or just standing at the bar and taking none at all! Smudged, unflattering angles and totally in the way or MIA! – I know, I know, it’s such a HUGE expense, but spending all that money on a venue, dress, cake etc.… and having no evidence must be heart-breaking

Not making time; take a second to say hi to your new husband/wife, or believe it or not, you can go the whole day not speaking (other than your vowels)

**top tip; organize a little time, whatever is advised to do a little shooting, just you two! Ask your planner of photographer to have back boards on hand that say ‘thank you’, and after your big day…. You have gorgeous thank you cards to send out! It’s quirky and unique and you can get multiples made, so you just have to personalise the envelopes (saving time and money!)

Taking on too much! Please Please, if you’re a bride or bridesmaid… let that be your only job, I’ve seen many bridesmaids try to do all the others makeup or double up as a videographer, florist (I’ve seen it all!)

And sadly it always ends up the same, there in no photos, there absolutely knackered and in bed by 8pm (or drunk as a skunk, and not in the fun whoop whoop dance way!)The reality is, it is expensive to be a bridesmaid! (Hen-do’s, dresses, shoes, new pants!) please please please , just enjoy it!

Even a fully qualified pro, who does it every weekend would struggle to do their own makeup and everyone else’s and get to the church on time … oh and eat , drink, wee and get ready (these are never factored in for some reason!)

*wedding morning tips

Organise your rooms –

constantly walking from one room to another (especially if its outside and raining) makes it impossible for your hair and makeup artist to keep track of you! (and let’s face it, running around in the rain won’t give you the look your aiming for!)

Try to have a room for hair makeup, a place to dress and food * my next one

I always give a full run down of the morning to the bride at the trial (who’s first, what time, how to have the hair prepped) if you happen to have a disorganised bunch of besties , have another list, that runs ahead so there early and waiting !

My last tip…


Going out to find food always runs the day behind, the smoothest wedding mornings have lots of things around to eat and drink! I’ve had many brides who didn’t have much in, and no time to get to a shop

This ended up with a huge headache and a rumbling tummy when saying there vowels

(I do *gurgle gurgle)

I hope you’ve enjoyed these few tips, and a few regrets from past brides may help the planning towards your big day!

But remember…as long as you’re married at the end.


enjoy every second!!! ... no really! take a BIG deep breath and enjoy!

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Wedding hair prep timeline

Wedding Hair BlogPosted by Lauren Wed, October 12, 2016 12:03:07

7/8 months before – discuss and order products/hair care routine

Find out what products will help your hair, help any problems and enhance your hair, it doesn’t matter to much if you’re not 1000% sure on what style you’re going for, up or down healthy hair is easier to style, shape and create style on!

Tips- medium hair is the best to work with, so by using volume shampoo on fine hair, or oils to make course hair more pliable, are aim is to get your hair as close to ‘medium’ as we can with products, if your hair is already medium (not to thick or fine) it’s about getting it healthy and full of shine, I would suggest ‘SLS’ , Sulphate and harsh chemical free shampoos,

(I use Beever hair care and have wedding hair packages that involve hair care, trials and wedding day styling – and can all be delivered to your door if the package needs swapping around to suit your hair, just ask!!)

6/7 months before- start your hair journey (I can help brides local to Quorn)

Your products have had a good month to work, so pre book your appointment to start that journey, you may want to be longer, blonder, healthier or just get a more polished look ,Box dye can be more damaging and harder to remove, so it takes time! Blonde can’t be achieved over night in most cases; and if the aim is to grow. – Sometimes it’s slow and steady that’s the best approach.

Tips- depending on your colour and cut anything from 4 weeks to every 8/9 , once you’ve had your first appointments and there’s a plan in place book backwards from your wedding so you know your colour and cut will be fresh (and there will be no roots!

3/ 4 months before – trials

Remember to pre book (especially if you need a Saturday!) your hair should have had a little work by now and be closer if not at your desired colour , your close enough to actually get excited, but there is a little time left should you like another trial, or want any tweaks to your colour or cut

Tip- some brides are unfortunately to far away for me to help with mobile appointments, its an idea to take a photo of your trial style to your hairdresser, they may be able to colour according to the style like I do.

3/ 4 weeks before – last colour and cut

Make sure your colour and cut is fresh! You may require a vitamin or conditioning mask or shine gloss, make sure it’s not too close to your big day, as it can make hair feel weighed down for a day or two, but if like most your colour is due 2/3 weeks before, asking for a conditioning mask between your foils whist your colour takes is a great way to get a fresh colour, cut and give your hair one last drink (it shouldn’t affect your hair style, again as long as it’s not too close to your big day!)

1 day before- hair prep

So you’ve been using your recommended products for a good 7/8 months now, your hair should be in the best condition possible, so generally the night before –A good shampoo, conditioner and heat protection (and anything else recommended) will keep you hair safe during the hour or so of styling – add hold, texture and shine and make your hair as beautiful as possible!

Of course we will bring our lotions and potions but the better you treat it, the easier it is for us, and the longer your style lasts! So doing a blow dry is ideal!

Tip- we say night before! But talk just ask, all hair is diffrent, a lot of ‘off the shelf’ products can leave a plastic coating on your hair using the correct products should mean your hair is easier to curl and control so remember to pack them, or re order if needed!

for more information see or contact 07511563997

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Vintage, Retro and Modern hair

Wedding Hair BlogPosted by Lauren Wed, September 14, 2016 19:08:33

So I was lucky enough to attend another training course this year, this one was for Vintage, retro and modern hair styling -

it was in Nottingham and I was extremely lucky to have a great teacher and small class size , so i got the most of my experience!

I am a fully qualified hairdresser, amd i specialise in Wedding Hair ~ however! That doesn't stop me wanting to learn , the amazing thing about hair is its always changing and evolving, theres always new ideas or techniques and even products or styling tools to use!

I also love to feel inspired and try new things! So lets start with the classic stuff - and sorting our Vintage from our Retro....

1920s - hair was shorter in appearance, flatter styles with head hugging waves. ( few layers and normally set wet)

1930s - hair became looser, more sensual with moment, with a big focus on loose curls and long hair (These styles are still popular today)

1940s - with the outbreak of the war. Women had a different role! Waves,curls and rolls especially the famous victory rolls became popular! We also saw 'bangs' and 'fringes ' - these styles let women work with hair in there face or on there collars (Hair nets and scarfs where the chosen accessories - hair padding was made out of old stockings!)

1950s - with the war over, a rise in fashion showed. With Monroe and hepburn - hair became more seductive. Moment and large shares , but strong short styles still making an appearance. Larger hair accessories also started to make an appearance

1960s -the Bouffant and beehives were hot looks! Hair was big, backcombed or very flat. Bobs also coming into fashion.

~ a few modern cuts can unfortunately make vintage hair either hard work or impossible (very short layers can make setting or rolling hard work) I had a great time polishing my skills up,and gaining more knowledge. These are a few snaps of the styles i created #hair

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Alice In Wonderland Photoshoot

Wedding Hair BlogPosted by Lauren Sun, June 12, 2016 19:53:56

Alice in wonderland inspired shoot

Now amatively my day didn’t start well, but its amazing how these things can cheer you up immediately!

It’s all about the details -

Walking into the pumping house (Nottingham)it’s such a striking building, I always love the strangest things in buildings- like windows and tiles and this one defiantly didn’t let me down,

I walked in to the table being set up, now obviously being a Alice shoot, the mad hatter theme was just perfect, the table was laced with vintage looking pages from the original book, beautiful settings and lots of quirky stuff for the centrepiece all from Ace wedding designs, Jessie also made a huge rose (so clever) , she has a real eye for detail!

Now I’m a total tea belly and own far too many tea pots, so yes, cups and saucers do excite me! Vintage Tea Party provided the crockery (you can’t have a mad hatter’s tea party without posh tea cups ay!)

We also had shoe’s by Haze , who brought a selection of quirky Alice, tea cake inspired shoes, I love little touch’s like this for shoots, I think shoes add so much personality!

And the cake… now let’s talk about the cake! I thought it was a statue at first, I cannot believe it was edible and a CAKE! My only issue is... it looked far too amazing to actually eat! (haha) I think I’d have to look away when its cut into! (cake by strawberry cupcakes Nottingham)

Hair, Makeup and overall look

we had dresses from Shakespeare in love - bridal boutique (Stratford-upon-Avon) and Fur Coat No Knickers

Now I’m always excited to work with these two lady’s Kerry from Beautiful you MUA, who’s flawless makeup once again looked amazing and Amy from Dolls mad hattery, (yes she was made for this shoot!) who’s artistic, quirky ideas are so wonderful , I can simply mention an idea to Amy and *poof* it arrives , handmade and full of love!

Let’s start with our pin up beauty Amy, who just quite simply seemed to be so pleased to have her hair and makeup done she was open to anything (hair and makeup dream client!) so Kerry led the way with vintage , a path I was oh so happy to follow, I decided on a quirky take to victory rolls, and pin curls, the whole hair was set and put in rolls, I finished with glitter spray and a few blue and silver pretty grips to marry up that amazing bow! Now dolls mad hattery is always a pleasure to work with, this big sparkely bow was surprisingly light and show stopping, and so very Alice! It fixed in easily and had a detachable veil… now that’s cleaver, finished with a silver embroided dress (and more glitter spray) we had our little pinch of Alice, our model Amy AKA ‘the face’ (she’s just SO photogenic is infuriating) is actually from Strawberry Cupcakes (who made the cake masterpiece)

Now to our lovely Jessie, who is now a little pro at photo-shoots, we actually did my ‘small business’ shoot with this beauty, and it was a please as always to have her back in my chair, Jessie does have very fine hair that can fly away easily (thankfully I had my trusty gloss drops from beever hair care!) now Jessie is such a natural beauty, I didn’t want to drown her but I was so excited to do something a little quirky, I’m sure when I said the word Mohawk she may not have been over the moon (Im sure I won her around! :P) but oh I absolutely love how she looked, not every bride could pull off a hair vine, quiff, Mohawk and coloured beads along with such deep lipstick, but what a beauty! (And it really showed off her smile!) with the handmade vine from Dolls mad hattery being across the forehead, Kerry (beautiful you MUA) decided on more delicate eye makeup and stronger lip colour, this worked perfectly with the quirky hair design, I love the pop of colour and different textures used between the hair and accessories! #dreamteam – Jessie out model is actually from Ace Wedding Designs , so she managed to look happy and serein whilst still setting tables and helping the shoot along!

The shoot was organised by That Black and White Cat, who also helped the overall look, and is genuinely a pleasure to work with , and photos taken by Thomas Thomas photography, who thankfully shares my love for ELO, im so excited to see your photos!

Thanks so much for having us,

Were all mad here ….

Plaits And Pin Curls

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'SLS' free and saving animals

Wedding Hair BlogPosted by Lauren Wed, March 23, 2016 13:56:01

So what is ‘SLS’ free , and why avoid it?

On average women add more than 200 chemicals to their skin daily, and more than 60% of these chemicals get absorbed directly into the bloodstream; I came to realize as a hairdresser you are warned the danger of ‘bad products’ to your hair, but I honestly have been stunned about the effect on health !

Now if you tell me, spend an extra £4.00 on my hair because it will look nice, im in!

I don’t take my hair off, its with me every day and id quite like it in old age (still bright blue at 90 I hope)

However the adverts have made us believe that the stuff on the shelfs ARE good; so it can be hard work explaining WHY your being RIPPED OFF and putting yourself at risk- I’ve turned to the science-y bloggers of the world to help me out, taking snippets and adding a hairdressers input –

What is ‘SLS’?

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate.

There are many products labelled as ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ that still contain sulfates. The aim of SLS Free is to help you discover products that do not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) or Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (commonly known as SLS) is a widely used and inexpensive chemical found in many mainstream personal hygiene products such as shampoos

SLS is a detergent and surfuctant which essentially means that it breaks surface tension and separates molecules its inexpensive and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is found in a number of industrial cleaning agents such as engine degreaser and industrial strength detergents. It’s also widely used as a skin irritant when testing products used to heal skin conditions.

I personally have scalp psoriasis; and I originally had been told (by many people) to use (dare I even say it) head and shoulders! I was completely covered in psoriasis! It was all over my face and body, I now realize this was because in the bath and shower it was aggravating my skin!

Thankfully I started hairdressing at age 15 and stopped using ‘off the shelf’ shampoos, I can say from personal experience; when I tell people I have it, they don’t believe me now! Its so calm – but I was covered!

I can say my skin problem has halved since swapping and from my research I can see why!

So having 'fallen out of love' with my usual go to shampoo and conditioner range , I set out looking for a Sulphate, SLS free and parobon free products I could bring to the door steps of my clients, friends and family!

I was introduced to Beever Hair Care by another hairdresser, who uses it- and sent me some to use, now it obviously ticked all the usual box's ; nice smell, nice to use, and my hair blowdryed well along with feeling soft and shiny! but hay! that's all expected yes!

But i fell in love because it was really impresses to find a salon quality product that didn't test on animals !

Nice hair is nice, but saving a few animal on the way... that's amazing!

We all know animal cruelty is not what we want to support, but sometimes the option is not there, hard to find; or simply not on our minds!

a quick google search turned a simple 'nice to know' into something i felt i needed to support!

if you would like any information on any products from Beever hair care, just ask!

the range offers everything from shampoo, conditioners , oil , heat protect and masks... and a lot more!

I can advise you on the best product for your hair, colour and even for health !

im also happy to say i will soon be offering packages to include these products to brides-to-be for the best possible results on your big day (along with lots of lovely shine and to help you grow your hair!)

#hair #SLSfree #notanimaltested #haircare #beeverhaircare #savethebunnys #shampoo #health

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how to shampoo!

Wedding Hair BlogPosted by Lauren Thu, December 17, 2015 13:28:06

Something as simple as shampooing hair can be done very right and very wrong. Here are some tips on washing hair and how to look after it:

1) shampoo your hair twice. If you wash your hair every day 1 shampoo is generally ok. If you wash your hair any less often, do 2 lathers of shampoo in your hair. The 1st will cleanse your hair and scalp. The second will treat your hair and scalp for any concerns you have and also make sure your hair is actually cleaned properly. if you shampoo once you may find your hair is constantly oily and product may build up in hair.

2) distribute your shampoo evenly between your hands before putting on your scalp. Aply the shampoo evenly, some on top of head, sides and back. You want to have an even lather throughout the whole head.

3) don't put all the hair on top of your head when shampooing .this knots the hair up and damages the hair cuticle.

4) shampoo your roots, then the shampoo that runs over the rest of the hair is enough to clean it. Don't rub your hair when shampooing on the lengths and ends. Again this knots the hair and damages the cuticle

5) try to use a sulphate and parabon free shampoo. Sulphates are the nasty foaming agents they put in cheap shampoo and conditioners (mainly supermarket brands) like floor cleaner and other horrible things. And parabons are the preservatives. You should look for products that have a simble on the back of the bottle saying "12m" which means you should use within 12 months of opening. If you dig up a product from the back of the cupboard from a couple of years ago, dont use it! It will cause more harm than good and can actually damage the hair.

6) stay clear of pantene and treseme. These are 2 brands that are very cheaky with their marketing. They make you think its "the best non salon shampoo" but the truth is its every hairdressers nightmare. These products contain dangerouse silicones that coat the hair and make it apear to be soft and shiny. In the long term its damaging the hair and can cause a chemical reacting if you colour your hair lighter that can burn the hair and turn it to jelly.

7) when conditioning keep the product away from the root if you hair gets oily. If you massage it in it can make the problem worse.

8) shampoo opens up your hair cuticle and conditioner closes the cuticle back up. So it is essential that you use both. 2 in 1 products generally don't work.

9) Use products for your actual hair type. Eg, if you have flat, lifeless hair, use a light, volumising shampoo and conditioner that won't weigh your hair down.

10) hairdressers reccomend salon quality shampoo and conditioner for a reason. Its not to make you buy expensive products, its because we have an expert opinion and can advise on a propper product to work on you hair. Get a proffesionals advice where possible.

11) most supermarket shampoos are very diluted. Hense why they are cheaper. When you make the swap to quality hair care you will notice a huge difference in the condition of your hair. It may cost you more, but it will last you alot longer as it is concerntrated you only use a small amount.

12) if your hair is weak, damaged, coloured, dry or frizzy, sometimes a treatment mask is better to use than a conditioner as it is stronger. Alternatively, you can use a treament once a week when you feel your hair needs some loving. Again a professional can reccomend this.

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Hair Hacks!

Wedding Hair BlogPosted by Lauren Thu, November 26, 2015 16:07:55

5 Hair Hacks!

* pull your plait out to make your hair look thicker!

(do this by plaiting your hair and pulling the edges out on both sides)

* straighten with a comb

(don't straighten IN the kinks!)

* don't touch your curls

(its the COOLING process that sets your hair, let them be a little tight whilst curling/having your hair curled , style at the end! honestly looking a little like annie for a few min's will be worth t at the end of the night!)

* use heat protect!

(saves hair - thickens adds shine! why wouldn't you!? )

*invest in a 'trackless' bobble

(yes those weird springy plastic bobble things you've seen WORK! less pull, less hair loss and no KINKS! )

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