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Wedding Hair BlogPosted by Lauren Mon, October 12, 2015 18:12:01

When it comes to Trails,Cuts,Colours and Wedding hair im there to help, but there’s ways to look after your hair at home, in-between hair appointments. And honestly the better you look after your hair at home, the easier it is for me to achieve the wedding hair you desire, there’s less chance or frizz or dead ends and these tips can help to protect against damage on your hair that could result in needing a good few inched off your hair before your big day!

One way to help avoid ‘the chop’ is to carry out conditioning treatments at home, depending on your hair this can be done as often as you like, I would advise one every week/fortnight (depending on how damaged and dry your hair is)

So here’s my advice on how to keep your hair hydrated at home:

a conditioning treatment is a fantastic way to get your hair wedding and honeymoon ready! But don’t stop there… take your favrote conditioner on holiday and avoid that ‘after wedding chop’ your hair will be just as stressed as you are, between hairspray, backcombing and more colour than usual and a week of sunshine !

*simply treat yourself to a treatment , your everyday conditioner may not work if its 'off the shelf' and if your buying ‘argan’ ‘Moroccan’ or it has ‘protein’ in it may feel and smell nice, but be watered down or full of harmful chemicals , you’ll find the best ones are a thicker consistency , and cover's your hair top to tip!- make sure you ask your hairdresser (we know the science behind products! ) i LOVE BEEVER hair care's repair mask conditioner and it is brilliant for almost every hair type! .

* Use on dry hair (as wet hair will dilute the product) comb through and let it sit for as long as possible (at least 10 minutes) to open up your hair cuticles and let the conditioner penetrate it’s a good idea to heat your hair up

* it’s not very glamorous but by putting a plastic bag over your hair (like a hairnet) will work a treat, or if you’re on your honeymoon simply sunbath with your conditioner on , the sun will work to heat your hair (no bag needed)

* if you find you have oil prone hair make sure you’re doing this a few washes before any important do’s or dates

*Everyone should give their hair two shampoos to make sure that the treatment is well washed out (you can use your regular* conditioner on the ends as normal but avoid roots)* and by regular i mean your daily conditioner your treatment conditioner may be too thick for every day use

*take note of what product suites you and if your hair looks best after one or two washes, this will help plan your hair routine the week of the wedding , start choosing products before your trials, so there’s no surprises and you can get a better idea of how well your hair will hold on the day, i would always suggest 'SLS' SULPHATE and Harsh Chemical Free products . #weddinghairspecialist #weddinghair #bride #updosforidos #bigday #weddingmorning #hairdresser #tips #lookafteryourhair #awardwinning #leicesterbased #ukhair

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