all womens photoshoot!

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#allwomensphotoshoot – body confidence and what happened behind the scenes !

So you may have noticed, Ive been littering my pages about my recent #allwomensphotoshoot – but what exactly was it? Why did it happen? And will it happen again? This, and some back stage sneak peeks , ALONG with some snippets of our anonymous feedback forms ( yes!) are all coming your way!

So WHY!?

We wanted to support all women, give all sizes, ages , hights and personalitys the chance to feel impowered, feminine and beautiful!

We wanted to use real , genuine relatable women to model, so social media isn’t full of unrealistic, airbrushed perfection!

Our hopes is to inspire real women to feel more confident, uplifted and even step infront of a camera, stop worrying that the media may make them feel they are “too” to feel that way.. “too” curvy, “too” old, “too short” ( I could go on and on!)

We want women to support women, female ran buisnesses, or just a ‘you look amazing!’

Its not always easy being a girl, theres a lot of pressure to look how these models look, the issue is – it’s a bit of a loosing game. THEY don’t look like that (hello photoshop!)

I WANT to see a short girl model a dress, so I as a short girl can actually tell where it will fall! , I WANT to see cellulite so I feel more normal about mine – and I don’t want to be told what I can and cant ware because of my size, shape, age , hight – ill have pink hair when im 80 thankyou very much! (turns up spice girl song!)

Model feedback “ I felt like a million dollars!”

So what happened?

So I got 8 girls vairying from size 8- 22 ages 21- 53 to start our journey of giving more confidence and supporting ALL types of women, I provided hair styling, Kerry from Beautiful you MUA , on makeup to enhance their natural beauty, and help them feel confident! (were not spreading th message you HAVE to have you hair and makeup done, after all I rarely ware any, but I cant deny I feel AMAZING after a pamper, self care or just after sitting in a pro’s chair!)

I paired the girls up into two’s the best I could, sneakely trying to work out who may have not under normal circumstances met or made friends (due to location or personality or shyness!) and let them loose made up with a posh frock (by popsy clothing!) and the stunning back drop of stoke rochford hall, and Frankie from pink photograpics of course to keep them laughing and snap some gorgeous photos,

And the girls totally took the message and ran, throughout the day I heard “you look amazing in that” “oh I love your hair” “look at that lippy” – women uplifting women!

And real friendships where made ! (this make me SO happy!)

I mean just the simple act of Kerry out MUA bringing a birthday cake for Kay (ne of our models) and making a hue fuss, even though it was infact her birthday a few days after – these little acts women preform daily, they never seem to get noticed; nobody ever really applauds yu for just being you!

Model feedback “I was made to feel so special”

So bearing in mind this was our first, think of it like a test run – we were expecting a few thing to ‘go wrong’ so we could learn… but im so excited to share some of the anonymous feedback from the girls

Over all we scored 77 out of 80! On our feedback forms!

Question :

What was your favourite thing about todays shoot?

3 random answers

“meeting fabulous ladys!”

“Frankie putting me totally at ease, loved the message and that you all believe so strongly in it* (*supporting and empowering all women!)

just feeling relaxed and happy and BEAUTIFUL


Model feedback “ wonderful hair, makeup and dress – brilliant!”

So will we be doing it again!?

YES!!! Do keep an eye outf for our facebook page - all women photoshoot or, we want to keep providing the experience as well as keeping spreading messages and encouraging women to just be themselves, and im so happy I can be a small part of that!

A huge THANKYOU to all the models for being such sweethearts! (and gorgeous!)

Frankie for her hard work, and even taking on sunburn to get the job done and basically just being my saviour though all of this, you wouldn't believe the work that's needed, in fact I know that because I thought I knew..... but man! was I wrong!

Cherish for her beautiful dresses, each one was so indervidual just like our girls

Kerry, for being her usual talented self

And for once (since this is all about self love!) I’m going o for once give myself a little pat on the back! (only took 26 years haha!) I’m really passionate about this, us girls – we don’t have it easy; its hard to be different or quirky- and I hope to carry on helpingspread confidence.

Its not all about sparking confidence and making women feel amazing (and giving them that model experience!) its about women supporting women too! We had a all-female supplier list and our lady’s ranged from ages 21- 53 and sizes 8 – 22 to really help celebrate all kinds of girls!

And not only that, even to our surprise – wed really hoped the girls get on board with our message , help and encourage each other ; but we never expected genuine heartfelt moments and genuine friendships being made! – women rock!

check us out - or

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What a Opportunity!

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So it’s been a busy week at Plaits and Pin Curls, and I have been meaning to blog, but I am not sure where the time goes!

But this will be a two part Blog, ‘The Run Up’ and ‘After’

Because I have something exciting to do, and I am so excited to share my experience with you! – but it felt a two part-er!

So welcome to the run up! (I will add after … well… after!)

So what is happening?

A few days ago I got a phone call from one of the judges I met at Hair/Beauty UK

If you don’t remember , myself and Kerry from Beautiful You MUA entered into a competition at the NEC in Birmingham, it’s a huge event that’s Pro only and sees hair , beauty and Barber professionals from all over the UK compete, teach, learn , sell and buy!

It’s massive, and thousands go! And you usually manage to spy someone from the telly! (flash back to that awkward year I met one of the TOWIE girls and had no clue who she was until she asked if I wanted a selfie, and could see my confused face; sorry I did wonder why people where taking photos! )

This year I was so proud to keep hold of my Bridal Hair Winner title from last year, but also amazed to gain a ‘Best in show’ trophy too! It was lovely to be chosen as best in the competition for hair, and a huge honour to come home with two awards! And one of the judges that chose me as the overall winner, got in touch to invite me to be a part of his styling team at London Fashion Week!

Now if you’re not sure, London fashion week is one of ‘The Big 4” in the fashions WORLD!

I’m sure you’ve seen the celebrity’s take over the front row, it runs from the 16th-20th of feb 2018 and is showcasing designers autumn/winter collections; and see designers like Mulberry, Burberry , Mary Katrantzou and many more!

I know, I know I want to watch too, but it’s a invite only situation! But lucky for us there’s live streams available, many directly on designers pages! (so hopefully I can watch after, or find a gap in the curtain!)

I’ll be back stage in the thick of it, I have no clue YET on styles, numbers, timing, who I’ll be helping or WHAT I’ll be doing, hairdressing is a very strange job – its most lightly I won’t actually know until the day exactly what is expected of me!

Yes, its stressful! But its also an amazing opportunity, not one I ever thought id receive!

Either way I have been invited to be a part of a very talented team and that feel AMAZING!

I have a lot to learn (because you never stop learning!), if the only job available is to sweep up, believe me I’ll be the happiest sweeper in the world! – I really am just happy to see, learn and be backstage at a place so few people ever get to go!

I’m sure I’ll be running off adrenalin! But I hope I can enjoy myself and actually get my hands on a model or too!

With every opportunity like this, its short notice and a lot to arrange, your never totally sure what to expect (style one girl? 10 girls? 50 girls?) there’s no telling!

But I’m excited either way!

I’ve just about sorted all my travel, and arranged everything I can with the little info I have !

(This isn’t strange, this is how the industry works, you can get a ‘style’ and it be changed last second depending on the lead, designers and show! Hairdressing is a lot of thinking on your feet, and dong it fast and well! )

One thing I am sure of, there will be no time to sit and relax, it will be GO GO GO!

So lucozade in one hand, hairspray in the other, ill be in London – part of the styling team

For opening night at London Fashion Week!

Wish me luck! (& that David Beckham falls instantly in love with me, and buys me a holiday home with its own infinity pool…. I’m sure that’s possible? We can wish!)

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Back Again!

The Dyslexic BloggerPosted by Lauren Wed, March 22, 2017 21:40:09

So, I have officially lost the plot!

I did something very stressful last year, and obviously didn’t learn my lesson…. Because I’m doing it again! (I know!)

So if you’ve not guessed; I’m extremely pleased to say Beautiful You MUA (Kerry Astill) and I are competing at the NEC hair and beauty UK show,

So why in the mists of my busiest wedding season to date are we taking on a nationwide competition?

Apart from not learning our lesson, we absolutely love to push ourselves, and I know with confidence Kerry will agree with me 1000% (not with my bad spelling, but with my blog in general!)

Being self-employed, it’s very easy to not learn, not to keep pushing yourself, to become comphy and do the same things on repeat.

There’s no mandatory meetings, training or improvement days when your self-employed; you’re your own boss, Its up to you to take training, improvement and creativity in your own hands and the competition certainly pushes you, it’s amazing to feel creative and terrified at the same time! (Sounds mad I know)

So… were going back, (ahhhh)

For those who have followed me for a while you may remember I ACTUALLY WON last year, it was so incredible and an absolute shock, and I still giggle at my 1st place trophies when I see it (I have a trophies that’s not just ‘thanks for taking part at sports day now!) and I honestly can’t thank everyone enough for their support, it really was a unexpected and crazy experience; and I absolutely could not have taken any prizes without the support of the team, (Kerry, Laura and Sammie) the businesses that helped us out (soar valley brides, I do wedding gifts) and everyone who supported and helped me at home!

However it does make this year even more terrifying going into it!

I’m trying not to feel pressure!

Last year the categories where right up my street (I hit lucky!) we were set the task of winter bridal and a great Gatsby (vintage up do)these are things I get to practise a lot! So although I really wasn’t expecting to win, and it was still hard work – I found my timings easier and we really where just there to be their!

This year they have asked on both competitions for ‘high fashion’ or ‘Avant guard’ (especially in the second category!)

So we are in the position of doing unusual hair and makeup for our second category , under the eye of a lot of stick rules and judges (leaving us not as practiced in theory, product or timing!)

So… were nervous!

So what the process of competing?

we start with the mood boarded (judged and marked) face charts (Kerry’s work judges and marked) dresses and clothes, accessories too (yes, even in a makeup and hair comp, it’s all judged!) even mine and Kerry’s clothes are judged! (haha, there goes my points! …. Do I even have a uniform!?)

For instance we can lose points just for warring large earrings!

And even what we are talking about, or if we are talking too much,

Kerry can lose points for using her hands, not explaining products properly when asked, and usually gets grilled with questions id actually just cry at!

If out model is in the wrong position, (to close or far rom the table) if Kerry doesn’t clean her hands or brush or whatever properly...yep! Points lost!

And after all that, they even mark how tidy your table is! So under all that pressure… yep you’ve got to put lids on things and keep it all in line, clean, clear and obviously safe!

And of course… in-between all this – were actually judged on hair and makeup

For Kerry, application, Knowledge, Timings, photo finish, product use, product choice, flawless-ness (yes that’s a word) look, finish, prep, and… well since I don’t own foundation; I won’t try talk you though it all! (ha!)

For myself, time, neatness, balance, product, team work, tidiness, creativeness, end result…and more I try not to think of!

So what’s our aim this year?

To participate! Get out of our comphort zone, learn, and expand!!!

Push out creativeness! (Pick up some hair and makeup skills and knowledge from the watch and learn shows whilst were there… also; BARGINS!)

But mostly….feedback, it’s so valuable! And seriously…. You can learn so much!

The judge’s feedback last year was huge for me especially! To take on ways to improve or just feel confident in my work! It was amazing to talk to people at the top of your field and get genuine 3rd party feedback!

They are always so pleased with Kerry’s work every year, and they always invite us back!

There is a lot of pressure after last year’s win, but as long as we take part, and push ourselves – that’s all we need! But we seriously can’t thank everyone enough for their support … we will need it!

Win or lose! It’s a great way to both put ourselves though unnecessary pain (ha!) and learn!

We need your support again! But we do go to learn, push , expland! To give out brides better service #hairuk #beautyuk

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Random Act Of Kindness

The Dyslexic BloggerPosted by Lauren Thu, November 17, 2016 20:30:09

A random act of kindness

I’m always seeing amazing story’s online of people amazingly making somebody’s day… just because

Sometimes small (a radio presenter brought train tickets for a man to see his son) to a man who tipped an American waitress £100! )

I’m a huge believer in Karma, what goes around comes around… so I wanted to do something nice, and setting my hairdressing skills upon someone seemed the best way!

So whats happening? – I’m giving away a FREE hair pamper, to someone. They can have the pamper any time in Jaunary (excluding sat and Sundays) and when a winner is chosen, I will let you know exactly what is involved.

Its all being done privately, so to enter you Private Message my business Facebook page (plaits and pin curls) and let me know who you’d like to nominate, where they live (eg. lougbrough) and who they are to you (friend, mum, sister) (or nominate yourself)

Ill contact the winner before Christmas, and we can arrange if you’d like it a surprise or not!


But first I have to tell you about my Altera motive… I have been hairdressing for over 10 years (I know.. I started young! ) and im very lucky, because my job is my passion! And I eat, sleep and dream in hair!

And I’m very lucky, to have amazing family, friends, clients and brides… but in this ‘box dye’ day and age we live in means ive seen a big change in hairdressing, and I’m beginning to believe wowcher and other discounting sights along with being able to buy ‘dye’ and ‘scissors’ in poundland (oh gosh!) may be starting to take the joy of having your hair done, to sit down and be pampered (in your home by a professional or in a salon) with a cuppa, and a good natter with a hairdresser who really just wants to make you feel lovely,

There seems to be a rush to things, I constantly hear the words ‘late, quick, fast,’ on a lot of Facebook groups, from women searching for hairdressers

And along with wanting to treat someone to a hair pamper, I wanted to remind people this is an art, a talent, a joy!

It should be a relaxing experience you can be pampered and feel amazing after , that soft bouncy hair feeling after! (best thing ever!)

And it’s not just a nice thing for you! Hairdressing is hard work! Long hours on your feet, constant back, neck, shoulder and hand issues, no breaks , bad feet and posture, varicose veins … and the smiling. The hours of endless smiling, you’re the last to get your hair done, so you always look a state, you live of caffeine and chocolate..and your lungs are basically made up of hairspray and bleach (not to mention there just no point to having your nails done… because they’ll soon be a the same colour as your clients hair…)

But, when your client bounces back from the mirror after checking out her new cut or colour, grinning like a crazy person!… ahhh…

Totally worth it,

When they recommend you to anyone that will listen, when they tag you in a beautiful hair selfie or leave a review….

Really, really worth it!

January can be a hard month for the majority of us, cold, wet, raining and lets face it… we’ve ate nothing but turkey, chocolate and spent all our money on…. Well im not really sure where is goes (I think the elf’s take it!)

So I simply wanted to make someone’s day, in one of the more rubbish months of the year.

But I also wanted to remind people (and myself!) to enjoy having a hair experience! No rushing, running – just a totally free hair pamper… just because their friend, sister, mum, aunti,nabour thinks their lovely… and deserving .

I have already had some rather amazing messages, people nominating people- I didn’t expect such a quick response!

I’m very sad I can’t treat you all, but some of you really do have some amazing friends…

And its actually makes my night reading these messages!

And im really looking forward to doing… whoever wins hair!

find facebook link at home page

#blog #randomactofkindness #hair #enjoy #nominate #relax #art

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Taking on psoriasis naturally

The Dyslexic BloggerPosted by Lauren Thu, September 08, 2016 19:29:32

Psoriasis is a autoimmune skin disorder/condition it can affect the entire body, but usually shows up in the scalp, body and is most common on joints.

I’ve had ‘P’ since I was around 15, and I was covered, I was lucky to not have much on my hands or face (as it’s hardest to hide) however my scalp always has been the worst! Anyone with P knows, it’s a red, itchy, flaky and THE most annoying thing, it’s painful; it can weep , bleed and you know that feeling when someone mentions nits? Yeah… your head itches, you can feel them crawling?

That’s a bit like scalp psoriasis! Except, when you itch, you get these lovely white flaks fall on your shoulder (and I have to say, 4 years of black uniform and what felt like a constant snow storm on my shoulders– I can’t emagen anything more annoying! )

So, obviously I was filled full of prescription after prescription, It was expensive, smelly (some medication really stinks. Like cold tar! Eww!) And none of it really seemed to work, or had side effects.

Now before I start, I want to point put I’m obviously not a doctor, and I chose my words very wisely ‘taking on’ not curing, healing or magically making go away! You have to take on P because it’s a fight, and its long term, You can get it under control, and then get ill or stressed and BOOM!

Its back!

It took a long time for me to see a difference… but this is how I took on my psoriasis naturally

Soak it up- let’s talk bath, it softens an soaks skin and joints, adding dead sea salts (or my favourite) Epsom salts to your bath can help remove excess skin, keep it warm and try to stay clear of bubble baths *see ‘nasty chemicals’

Nasty chemicals – ‘SLS’ is the nasty chemical that is in almost all bubble baths and hair shampoos (anything that bubbles up is lightly to have it in!) it breaks down compounds and irritates aking, SLS is not only (worryingly )in floor cleaner and engine degreaser, it’s something doctors use on a test to irritate your skin and diagnose skin disorders! I started using SLS free hair care range (Beever Hair Care) the Daily shampoo is a natural cleanser and gentle, it’s also helped the P on my body as *see above* almost all bubble baths or shower jell has ‘SLS’ in so as I shampooed it actually started to clear up the P on my body

Moisturise – yes, find the moisturiser that works for you! All we hear is about is ‘E45’ , someone’s sisters , cats , brothers, girlfriend has always been cured by coconut oil or E45 , don’t believe the hype, find your own ; I find swapping regularly is great or my skin just get used to a product, I found a great SLS free moisturiser from Cornwall , natural coconut oil has worked in the past (the proper stuff that’s solid, and has to be rubbed into a liquid) E45 was awful for me! Again, do your research! I’ve also used ‘tropics’ is a very natural products and its really helped my skin and clear up around my ears, and dry patches on my face.

Scrub- yes it hurts, but expholiate! The gloves are brilliant because you don’t need bubble bath or shower gel to scrub, just water Sunshine- if you find any… let me know. But we all know that oh so magical combination of a week with sunshine, sea , sand and less stress

Diet – no mines not perfect, like most (I like chocolate to much) But I find things like coke and other fizzy drinks don’t help, some foods are natural anti-inflammatory (like sweet potatoes, salmon and broccoli) – and of course alcohol and smoking will inflame.

Psoriasis can’t be cured… it just cant. It can be kept under control and helped. Ive found treating naturally gave me some control over side effects, I spent the money I would have spent on prescriptions on products (try SLS, SULPAHTE AND PAREBEN FREE PRODUCTS)

And YES , let’s say the dreaded words (that make you want to punch people in the face)…. “Well, just don’t stress “– (had we known this, well gosh! We would have just changed our personalities and not have stressed…why we didn’t think of that!?)

But stress does affect you! Going natural, it may get worse before it gets better, it may instantly help! It does depend on your stress levels, if it seems like it getting worse, be careful not to give up; it could just be a coincidence with your flare up !

It took a long time, but im so pleased to say it’s the best its ever been!

#Psoriasis #naturalblog #dyslexicblogger #stresshead #slsfree #helpmyskin #beeverhaircare #tropics

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Top Tips for a relaxing Spa Day

The Dyslexic BloggerPosted by Lauren Mon, March 14, 2016 09:44:47

Spa's... Along with being the most awesome place on earth are becoming a popular destination for Hen Do's or just a place for a Bride-To-Be to relax before her big day!

But how to be Spa Savy?

Now ive only been lucky enough to visit a spa three times; however this time I was taken by a totally Spa Savy Lady called Lorraine ; this lady need to run tours, what she doesn't know about a spa isn't worth knowing.

so ive picked up some tips...

1) (and this is mine) USE CONDITIONER!

almost every lady I saw had their hair pulled back in a pony; so either on dry or wet hair apply conditioner, you just look like you have wet hair, but its actually creating a barrier and the change from hot and cold temperatures will help it sink in ; most Spa's will have 'complementary' conditioner in the showers - I would advise you take your own, a moisture conditioner that's wonderfully thick! (but the one's provided are a handy back up)

2) What to take?

My advice is to take two swimming costumes/bikinis if you have them, you can get changed into a nice dry one to have your dinner in ; there is nothing worse than being cold, in a wet costume trying to have a nice meal!

I found if your having a back massage or treatment a bikini may be better (you can just slip your top off, rather than getting changed again or the dreaded paper pants!)

however a swimming costumer covers a few more sin's for me (you are sitting most of the day!) you also can lean back and relax and not worry about a 'strap' digging in or heating up in the sauna )

3) How to prep?

Now thankfully I was told by a beautician a few years ago, she advised me to exfoliate before I went, a lot of soaking, heating up and cooling down can mean that old top layer of skin will be taken off (yes gross I know, but that's why your skin feels SO good after a spa day!) so having a good scrub is better for all, but it stops that nasty build up feeling or peeling legs!

it also makes sure all your makeup has gone, panda eyes are nobody's favourite.

4) what to do first?

book! if you'd like anything done, massage, nails ect... its an idea to book first (even before you get changed!) you will find some services have better times- for example, false eyelashes, because you cant get back in the pool after, everyone wants the last booking of the day.

I know within my own business how important skin tests are, if your not a regular user or member keep in mind they will want to test you 24 hours before a eyelash, eyebrow tint, so it may be an idea to plan on services you need no testing for.

5) avoid the crowds and don't get to exhausted

now I was super excited about my spa day, I just wanted to get in the pool, our unofficial tour guide (Lorraine) advised us to do things 'later on' so we arrived, sat, had coffee and basically took it slow, we even went into the quite room read and had a little nap! when everyone else went for dinner that's when we hit the pools and sauna's, just as it started to fill again it was time for us to eat!

we decided not to book a meal ( I would advise big party's to) and eat at the café, we could arrive and leave as we pleased and there was enough choice to keep everyone happy!

as I am a grazer (I don't eat a lot, but I eat often) booking a meal wasn't for me, if your a 'fill your boots' kind of girl- book away!

from 5pm it tends to be members, so serious swimmers- if you want to swim laps go AM if youd like to have the sauna's and spa rooms to yourself go over lunch or as late as possible!

6) changing rooms!

you may find there is more than one, the furthest away from the pool is usually the quietist - I was lucky enough to have one totally to myself thanks to my savvy spa friend!

Obviously for most people a Spa day is such a treat, and although I wish I could live in the outdoor heated pool (oooohhh nice!) I unfortunately like most, have to go home when my day has finished,

I had a seriously wonderful, much needed pamper

thank you to Tom, Lorraine , Rebecca , Dave and other Dave


Blogging Hairdresser

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Wedding Fayre Shocker

The Dyslexic BloggerPosted by Lauren Wed, February 24, 2016 08:40:50

Now before I begin on my badly spelt story,

their are a few things you need to know about those wedding fayre's you visit on a Sunday!

Now unless your 'in the biz' this may be news for you, but wedding fayre stands are not free, the range from £80.00 - £200.00 per table, so yes. we pay to work! (crazy huh!?) Most fayres are held on a Sunday (please keep in mind most in the wedding trade work Saturdays, and we are up Early!) So the people you are meeting may be £200 down, and have just given up there only day off with their family's to grin at you, this is normally a complete pleasure and worth the 8-9 hours on our feet (because it can take some suppliers over a hour just to set up!) so when reading this story, please take it as such (I don't mean to rant!) but the people behind those well decorated tables have put so much time effort and a whole lot of money into looking good, just for you!

(I feel especially sorry for florists, at least I can re-use some of my decorations, they have to buy new flowers every single time... it must cost £100's !)

So it started with a Family, just a normal one... I cant even recall anything other than how lovely this lady was to come over to me and smile and tell me how lovely my work was! (nawww!) she picked up a photo I had on my table and said just how nice it was, and it looked like something of 'Pintrest' and asked if the flowers id used where real, I explained yes a very lovely florist had hand crafted each bud onto wire (thank you Claire from Budding Floral Design)

well as quick as I could blink! this lovely lady had her camera phone out and took a snap of my work , a little taken back I think I just stood there with my mouth open, she then looked at me and said 'Thanks' ....' Ill show that to our Charlene, she will be able to do that just fine, she learns of YouTube, and she's just as good, she can do anything!'

now... I am sure this lady was just proud of her (what I am assuming is) daughter/granddaughter, and that's wonderful ( I expect my nan does the same)

however.... this 'simple' shot took hours, hair, flowers, makeup, photography and editing

I understand there is always 'DIY' articles in the Bridal Magazines, YouTube tutorials and Facebook videos to help you believe you can in-fact 'create the look', admittedly sometimes you can! To feel inspired, get ideas and spend time pampering yourself by following these online tutorials is a brilliant idea (I especially love to see a good plait!)

My issue is not that this woman wanted her daughter to copy my work, I felt amazing that I was able to create something somebody wanted to steal! It was that she had taken hours of work and simply 'snapped' it away. our work 'lost' , now this lady could have shown 10 people this snap , they could have all loved it and asked 'oh my gosh who did that!?'

... I am sure the answer would have been 'some girl'... well that's my booking lost;

(she didn't take a business card, so I don't think she passed along any information)

Please don't think I am the only supplier that suffers, a stunning candy cart has a similar experience . their was a bloke who said ' I can put out a load of sweets from pound land, we don't need to spend extra' ' ... and I agree, you could; but please don't think it would look or have the same feel as the professional one (these girls put so much love and care into their work - Lasara Candy Carts)

So if you are planning to DIY your wedding and are walking around a fayre, please feel free to be inspired; but do not 'snap' away our hours of hard work, planning and education to achieve the original look, return smiles even if you already have it sorted.

We love out jobs! (we wouldn't be in the wedding biz if we didn't ) and we LOVE being apart of such a huge day of your life - it is honestly worth the aching feet and lack of dinner break, so enjoy. say hello! -

you may just be tempted by a professional and say goodbye to DIY

Plaits And Pin Curls

Wedding Hair Specialist and Mobile Hairdresser

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