Holiday hair & skin - top tips!

Hair Advice/Tips and InfoPosted by Lauren Mon, May 21, 2018 10:05:28

So I’m back (sulks) I’ve had a fantastic lazy holiday in Gran Canaria with my partner Tom, and I’ve got those holiday blues… and skin…. And hair! eep

So I felt it was time for my newest blog!

With the rise of popularity of jetting off for hen do’s honey moons, mini moons and just your holiday there’s never a good time for bad skin and hair, but a month before the wedding is defiantly NOT the time,

So I’m armed with some top tips! And I’ve even asked some pro skin and MUA experts to help! (yay!)

So let’s start with hair !

My top tips!

Buy a hat! Helps with colour fade, heat and UV damage and could save you a BIG chop! (also, they can be adorable! – or like me just rock the Mrs Nesbitt Look! Ha!)

HEAT AND UV protection spray, some ‘off the shelf’ spays only ‘protect’ to a low heat, or are either UV or heat protection, make sure yours does both! Added moisture is a huge plus! (or failing that, Argon oil along with your protection spray!)

Keep your hair out of the water! Your blonde locks CAN go green from the chlorine or orange from the sun… (see tip 1 and 2 to help this!) so take lots of bobbles , plaits are fab because the bobbles are at the bottom (tips of your hair) lessening short snapping like a ponytail can create

You know what’s next…. GOOD QUALITY SHAMPOO AND CONDITONER (yes broken record, but a colour safe moisturising shampoo WILL help!)

And treat yourself to a conditioner hair mask at least once over the week your away! Your hair will just look wet to others, but the thick conditioner coats your hair, the hot sun opens up your cuticles- your hair will feel a little soft the wash after, and it will probably just want to be shiny, straight rather than forcing a style into it

So what about skin? Yeah…. I’m clueless too! So I’ve asked two pros to help you out! (hooray!)

Introducing Kerry from Beautiful You MUA , a beautician and MUA with over 8 years’ experience , a prestigious London makeup award along with countless published works, including the makeup styling for the front cover of a bridal magazine, Kerry manages to somehow make applying makeup look effortless (yes even with 3 tiny humans!) and is oh so down to earth and realistic with making sure everyone has access to makeup knowledge!

And Chloe from Chloe Simone MUA , an experienced & featured MUA and aesthetician ,with training from some of the ‘best in the biz’ and has secured recognition from some of the leading industry experts , Chloe is extremely pro inner beauty, glowing skin and is absolutely bursting with knowledge!

My question to Chloe (Chloe Simone MUA): I know there are rules to buying sun tan lotion, what’s your top tip for picking one that will work and help my skin?

Chloes answer: SPF is a must have for your skin! It should be used daily, whether or not you believe it’s a nice sunny day. The suns rays can penetrate our skin whatever the weather, causing Skin damage, ageing and many concerns around cancer. Always look out for lotions that don’t contain Chemical filters, Organic sunscreens are your best and easiest option

My Question to Kerry (Beautiful You MUA) : What’s one item of makeup or skin care you’d suggest packing in your hand luggage to keep me from looking jet lagged?

Kerry’s answer: I always take a moisturiser that has SPF 15 in it to protect my skin along with that I would take a rejuvenating eye cream/gel to keep my under eyes looking fresh and awake

My question to Chloe (Chloe Simone MUA) : What’s your top tip for sun burn & peeling skin, and getting your skin heathy again!?

Chloe’s answer : Its always best to avoid the sun, if the skin ‘tans’ we have damaged it! If the mistake of sunburn takes place, use plenty of Moisturiser, drink a lot of water and avoid drastic drops or rises in water temperature during bathing. Natural options such as aloe and coconut are nice soothers for skin, do not pick peeling skin as this can evoke hyperpigmentation !

My question to Kerry (Beautiful You MUA) : My skin changes a lot on holiday! I find it can go greasy from the lotion, or dry from the sun, or it changes colour from the sun, and my foundation no longer suits! What are your ‘must pack’ item’s?

Kerry’s answer : because of skin colour change and sun spots can be a problem , I tend not to pack a foundation or BB cream. My 3 must haves are Bronzer ( gives you a natural glow and enhances the sun kissed look), Translucent powder (gives you a coverage without the colour helps to mattify skin and make it less shiny ) & a nude/clear lip gloss/balm to keep the lips moisturiser and give you a natural glow.

And I also want to say I’m am oh SO pro sun tan lotion, (I’m no expert) but I always maintain that if your skin has the ability to tan, you’ll tan! If not, you’ll burn, so 8 layers of oil later, your just increasing your chances of burns, peeling skin…and much worse !

To prove this! I used factor 50… yes!! FIFTY, all week,

As did Tom,

And guess what…. I still tanned! But safely, so just to show this is a week of factor 50, with very little time actually sunbathing, always with a parasol up and just staying in the shade or under cover if needed!

(Tom the same!) And still……

Same treatment, same factor – your skin will do what it does! Don’t push it – stay safe, and ENJOY!

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Why do colour corrections really cost more?

Hair Advice/Tips and InfoPosted by Lauren Sun, July 03, 2016 21:32:26

So hello summer! Everything gets lighter, brighter and you’ve just booked that holiday – so naturally, your wearing brighter clothes probably feeling pasty and oh so fed up with your hair…

It’s time for a change!

So whats the difference between a colour change and a correction, and why oh why!? Is it so much more expensive!?

There's no sugar coating here, this is really why you are paying more for a correction, than a 'normal' appointment /// Before i start ~ i am a fully qualified hairdresser,but also Dyslexic - so along with no sugar coating; there may be a few spelling and grammar mistakes! - but hay! That me- and im blogging anyway #DyslexicBlogger #ProudToBeDyslexic

A colour change… Generally this is a small change, you’ve been with your hairdresser a long time, and he/she knows exactly WHAT is on your hair, and how it reacts, a simple ‘I’m going away and don’t want to be to blonde’ shouldn’t be too much of a problem, adding a soft lowlight is a small change, it may have no cost difference (as it’s the same amount of product just a shade darker) or just a small added extra for and extra colour, you may find if you have highlights you will need to have a full head to keep it even

however very blonde or stubborn hair may differ, for example its not always as simple as ‘putting a brown on’ applying a light brown to very light hair may turn ‘Khaki’(have a green tinge) a lot of careful planning and time may be needed .

a colour correction, my view (and im sure most hairdressers will agree) if you have box dye on your hair and it needs ‘correcting’ if that’s lighter, dalker, more tones or to cover grey it’s a colour correction, therefore you will pay more (not so cheap now ay!) Basically we don’t train in them, they contain more ammonia (*on average) the is no real lodgic to them, we ask what you’ve applied to try help us decide how to tackle it, and of course we cant get a straight answer, ‘cappuccino’ is NOT a colour,we deal in 5/65 or 5/rc (this totally depends on brand and training, even if your home dye has a code to it, it un-lightly to match ours, for instance 6 can be brilliant red in one brand or fairly boring cool brown in another, not to mention box dyes are invented for ‘everyone’ and they do just that, they are just a flat colour that goes on, if you’ve box dyed it 10 times and over lapped it will look totally different to someone who’s used the exact same colour just once and again on hair of a different colour… boggling I know!)

our other issue is tint doesn’t lift tint, even if you’re a regular, there is no magic button,if you want to go lighter expect a big sit, bleach and a bill.

So why are colour corrections so expensive?

- Training and education

(it costs us to learn how to do this, believe it or not, hairdressing isn’t for the faint of heart ; it has a lot of science and art involved)

- Time

(and this is a HUGE one, if you’re not a regular or you’ve been using box dye we really can’t guarantee HOW LONG a correction will take, so we make the most educated guess possible (were normally pretty good) but we have to book out A LOT of time for you, and generally a little extra ‘run over’ time, now although it sounds odd, we could have probably fit in another colour and cut in the space it takes to transform your hair, so we have lost anywhere from £40-£95 and well beyond in bigger cities of money before we start! So if you’ve been quoted less than what you pay for two colours and cuts, you’re probably getting a bargain!

- Products

(most colour changes need a special order, we need to make sure the correct colour is in and mostly you can need 2/3 tubes and toner just for yourself – and weather we use the whole tube for you or not, we had to order it for you… and that costs deliver/ time to go out and buy it)

- It’s a balancing act

(making sure your happy, yet lifting your hair carefully enough so damage is minimum is hard work, we need to also spend time doing a consultation , skin test and potentially a stand and porosity test too… sound complicated? Nothing compared to deciding on what colour to use! And we can ask you to use the correct products to enhance our work until were blue in the face… but generally not all follow the advice of a professional, so this may mean your colour may fade quicker or you may have more delicate hair or worse a plastic coating! This means it may take 2/3 goes or need re colouring in-between appointments, or your hair doesn’t take as expected)

*and on this point I do need to say, by enhancing our work, your enhancing your own hair, skin tone and features!

- The lifting process

(and I mean process, ill go back to box dye here as its such a good example to use- so you’ve been dying for 10 years? You’ve had red, chocolate, auburn and deep brown … well when we apply bleach it almost goes through thouse stages, we know if you’ve had red on! We cans see… so during your consultation when you said ‘my reds all grown out now’… hummm. *scream* because its not.. here it is appearing, so now your hair is patchy (because the colours where applied that way, almost like a rocket lolly, because the ends of your hair have more colour than the roots, oh the roots are blonde the midlenghts are red and the ends are orange…. I may have to cancel my lunch! This is again why cost may be higher as with clients we have a detailed client card, we also don’t overlap if its not necessary so hair lifts much smoother and more even!)

- Good old fashioned hard work

You’ve heard of no rest for the wicked? Colour corrections are totally wicked! Haha

You dream about it, worry about it, wake up at 3am with the perfect colour combination, find yourself at the wholesalers simply stoking colour tubes , then you’ve got the actual appointment, yes we stand for a living, but no you never really get used to it. It can be a stressful, painful (my poor feet) and hungry experience (bye bye lunch!) and of course totally worth it in the end, you leave looking like a totally different person and bouncing away from us, it’s worth every second!

So how to save money on a colour correction!?

Crazy I know, but invest in GOOD products, healthy, happy, shiny hair will not only react better for us, but KEEP YOUR HAIR ON YOUR HEAD! Less damage, less chance of falling or snapping under pressure

And of course (you know what’s coming) steer clear of DIY colouring!

But don’t expect it to be ‘cheap’

Remember you get what you pay for, be realistic.

It may take 2/3 sessions, it will take time, money and effort, you will need to look after it and follow advise!

But hay! Nobody ever regretted taking too much care of their hair!

Its such a huge part of your look and how you feel!

And for me… worth every single penny (or should I say pounds?)

#colourcorrection 'thetruth #realanswers #hairdresser #dyslexicblogger

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the Colour Bible

Hair Advice/Tips and InfoPosted by Lauren Fri, April 15, 2016 19:58:19

Rules to stick to if you really want that’s colour to last.

Its okay to turn up with day old hair, but extreme oil can make it hard for the foils to grip!

Don’t wash your hair for 24 hours after a colour, this should be followed every time!

Use a colour safe shampoo and conditioner that will seal those ends

Colour safe shampoos stop water and other nasty bits from flooding your hair follicles and taking your colour with it, cleansing is important but scrubbing with sulphates and parabens will bring your colour and especially toner out in as little as one wash! (what a waste!) (I recommend Beever hair cares colour shield duo at £24.00 – just ask to place a order)

Was in cool water, heat damage isn’t just from straigtners!

Use heat protect! It honestly makes a huge diffence to your hair and colour!

(I recommend Beever hair cares heat shield for £8.20 – just ask to order!)

Don’t use the highest heat possible, it worth taking your time and treating your hair to a blowdry! You may get an extra day before you need to wash your hair, therefor less damage has been done!

Conditioning treatments, anyone heavily bleached or taking a long holiday in the sun should be using a treatment; it penetrates the vortex of your hair like a quick condition cant!

Towel turbans are your friends, if your hair is damaged using an oil is a brilliant way to help out (and give your hair shine again!) pop the oil on and put your hair back into the towel turban, the heat from your hair and head will let the oil sock in better than just applying and drying!

(I recommend Beever hair cars recovery oil at just £16.20, beautiful Argan oil – just ask to order!)

Smoking, fumes and swimming can affect your hair! tell your hairdresser if you do / are around these chemicals/fumes daily! Nicotine can especially turn blonde hair brassy, chlorine can turn you green and petrol fumes can leave an orange tinge, protective measures may need taking (like shampooing twice, using silver shampoo to combat or helping your hair be less porous with oils ect)

Never EVER ever EVER! Use Henna, and if you have done TELL YOUR HAIRDRESSER!

Henna can react, and create a cloud of smoke above your hair, heat it up and end up breaking off! This is serious business – even if you believe it all to be gone, be safe not sorry!

Bleach doesn’t lie, when lifting your hair we can see exactly what’s under it (red, green, black!) if you’ve been dying your hair with box dye for 10 years, a different tone, brand and depth each time… please make sure your smart, start YEARS before a big event like your wedding to get it fixed and healthy again

Just say no to head and shoulders and tresame (these are the worst, there’s more!) DO tell your hairdresser if you use these, we will tell you not to! But at least we can decide on the best method for your hair, these products especially can cause reactions

If you’ve had a allergic reaction – SPEEK UP! Pretty hair is not worth a trip to A&E and could cause us a lot of unneeded stress, obviously we will skin test you- however if you know you will react sometimes the little patch test isn’t really worth it- why stress your skin when you know the service shouldn’t (and won’t be) done anyway!

#colour #beeverhaircare #noheat

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the harsh truth about box dye

Hair Advice/Tips and InfoPosted by Lauren Wed, January 06, 2016 11:27:55

The harsh truth about box dye – 6 reasons to stear clear

before is start , yes this is partly a 'rant' in some area's its important to know this is something I feel very strongly about. my Sister went into anaphylactic shock when I was younger , from a Box Dye hair colour. (*before I was a hairdresser)

Years later she still suffers with reactions to almost everything , and basically she swelled up so she couldn't breath (I don't need to tell you the side effect to that!) we are very lucky to have her it ended differently for others. please keep this in mind when I get on my soap box!

‘chocolate brown’

The sad truth is one size does not fit all, chocolate brown or N55 or 5/35 is going to turn put differently on different hair, its ‘General’ the company has put little or no thought into your hair individually, is it thick, thin , grey, pre lightened?

Basically most box dyes are formulated with a maximum amount of pigment and ammonia, so it works on MOST people. But it’s all unnecessary damage, fills your hair (and makes in a nightmare to fix) and increases the chance of an allergic reaction

And no, an ammonia free ‘box’ isn’t going to help, the best are found in salons.

Knowing your stuff

This is perhaps my biggest bug bare, a hair colour meant to cover grey is hugely different to one that lifts and different again to one that tones your hair.

Box dyes are unpredictable, because you don’t know what’s in it, or the ‘laws of colour’

There’s far too much to put in one Blog, (3-6 years of training) for instance do you know your natural colour? 5/0? 8/0? 3/0? What tone are you 1? 34? Ash? Gold?

And In what brand? As an example these are three brands with the ‘same’ colour

All chocolate brown – 5/CG 5/35 5/65 – confusing ay! To make it worse 55/66 could send you a pretty bright deep purple in a different brand! This is just the tip of the iceberg; even if you managed to pick up the correct colour it’s the knowledge of your own hair, and how it’s going to react!

will putting 10/1 on 5/0 ? will that turn you a nice light ash blonde? …. Nope.

Dimensions? Natural look?

Nope! Box dye contains just one colour; and applying it all over will give you just that.

One boring flat colour with no shine,

Or you have another option, buy the wrong colour and end up with a ‘rocket lolly’ effect

Orange roots, red mid-lengths and ends (not exactly the dimensions wanted!)

We (hairdressers) understand and use a huge range of colours this is a formular for example this is one of my full head tint formulas (for a regular client)

10cc 5/0 10cc 5/35 10cc 6/75 and 20/cc 6/55

Now I know this won’t make much sense and sound ‘mumbo jumbo’ to you but , but there a lot of time and effort went into finding that perfect balance to over grey and have a beautiful rich mahogany that fades into a lovely golden brown, oh and covers grey!

My point is, you can’t get that from a box, or the love that went into finding it.

Ombre and pastels in a box

*climbs on soap box* just no, please please no!

Even if you do manage to ‘pre lighten’ your hair the reality is you will need much more than ‘one application’ of bleach (yes bleach, if your box dyes says to use high lift tint its lying…. I’ll let you work out why, but it WILL be expensive to fix!)

You should NEVER dye your own hair but bleach is just so much worse! Not only can your hair fall out but you can get chemical burns on your scalp and ears if done incorrectly .BURNS!

to lift hair takes knowledge and skills, do you need 6% 9% or 12% to lift your hair? the wrong choice will leave you bight orange or BOLD! Be aware!

I have seen hair actually SMOKE due to ’over processing’.

YES SMOKE ! A cloud of it.

When it comes to ‘granny grey’ you are more than lightly paying around £7 for a toner, it doesn’t lift or cover grey, and I charge £7-£10.00 for a professional toner! WHAT A RIP OFF!

This isn’t even talking about the technique of applying one (that takes years and the ability to reach the back of the head properly!)

But there so cheap

Oh but the corrections are not!

You have your hair for life, you have it every day and its more than lightly what people use when describing you

Treat it nice or loose it!

I honestly don’t know why box dyes are available to the untrained public, but I can assure you it’s to put money in the makers pockets not to give you wonderful hair!

Actresses/Models are paid big bucks to appear in box dye adverts, I see their hair a week later and it’s been ‘magically’ covered by highlights and toned away’ . Yes Holly that means you!

so yes its brutal and honest and I stood on my soap box a few times, but we are trained for a reason!

if box dyes are really amazing and 'do the job' I (and other hairdressers) would have saved are-self's the time effort and money it took to train in professional colours and used them!

My job isn't easy. it takes years to understand the science behind the chemical reactions of colour , skin and hair.

don't end up in an ambulance , bold or with burns on your scalp.

call a professional

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To Go Up or Down!?

Hair Advice/Tips and InfoPosted by Lauren Sun, December 27, 2015 19:42:54

Pros and cons to have your hair up or down, it’s a big decision and one that I hear of most-

I’m sure every girls scrolled threw Google to find that perfect ‘do’ but unfortunately most women will pick the model not the hair, if you have short blonde fine straight hair you may be choosing the opposite because (like all women) we always want the hair we’ve not got, so before reading these pros and cons think of your hair type, face shape, dress and what will make you happy!

(don't worry if you don't know, this is all involved in my trials!)

Pro's for Having your hair down

*More natural, soft look that’s very feminine

*it’s not fixed to a theme, its simple and classic and wont clash

*it can soften your shoulders, if you feel your shoulders are something you didn’t want on show, but fell in love with a revelling dress (especially if your dress cuts straight across instead of a sweetheart neckline)

*Show's off that hair you've been growing for two years!

Pro's for Having your hair up

*it’s more secure in are ever changing English weather

*it can extenuate your theme and dress by going vintage, elegant , modern or even picking out the sleekness or texture of your wedding dress

*the pictures! Unfortunately loose hair moves in the wind and does at it pleases, with a secure up do you can make sure your hair looks good from all angles

*it’s much easier to fix in volume, veils and accessories

However just like your wedding dress, you will know when you have found the correct style for you. Never be afraid to say you have no clue! Sometimes the most beautiful, individual and memorable hair ups (or downs) come from a bride saying ‘just do what you want!’

Things to keep in mind.

How thick is your hair!? may you need extensions

How curly or frizzy is your hair!? you may HAVE to go up or make time for a 'set'

when you tried on your dress did you push your hair over your shoulders or keep 'pushing' it up? you may have your answer!

to book for a trail/event or wedding day

contact Lauren on 07511563997

or visit

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