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I am always a lover for Supporting Local or Supporting Small Business.

Well a few weeks ago a bunch of talented women in business got together for a fantastic photo shoot and the outcome is just a little amazing!

Tina and Izzy (our only male!) from Tina Claire.Art (our brilliant photographers) where taking snaps of our stunning models all morning (and believe me when I say it was an EARLY start!) From the stunning outdoor views of Quorn Grange Hotel to the more quirky corners most would have walked past my favourite including an old rustic door and huge bay window along with the Bridal Suite! I know our models where feeling a little nervous to begin with but Tina and Izzy put them at ease so quickly, they really have an eye for beauty and where even nice enough to get a snap of me working...without my epic concentration face (apparently having my tongue sticking out helps me do hair? haha)

Getting the models ready was a lot of fun, with the help of Luanne (Beauty by Lu) who is just a pleasure to work with! I Know Jessie (our brunette model) had never had her makeup done professionally ever! so it was a new experience for her, and they both looked STUNNING with lots of pinks, peaches and glowing faces (So very Bride) I stuck to Natural loose curls, real flowers and a stunning hair piece's from Dolls Mad Hattery for the first hair look and Feathers, bouncy waves and Bird cage veils for our second look , the hair pieces from Dolls Mad Hattery and all hand made hair pieces that are just so unique, I had a few weeks before sent a 'doodle' to Amy of a hair piece that I had dreamt up ( I would like to point out now my terrible drawing skills!) and she took my 'design' and came up with something brilliant, it was so bright and full of different flowers, colours and textures and bloomed in Karen's hair! The hair pieces matched the beautiful bouquets perfectly and added so much personality to our little shoot (thanks to Daisy Chain in Sileby!)

Karen and Jessie our Beautiful models managed to grin, smile and say cheese at 7:30 am and in the cold and rain! Jessie even brought along her (very proud) Mother! (who was so helpful I don't think I thanked her enough, so thank you again!!)

When organising the shoot I had a lot of ideas rolling around in my mind, In the end I wanted to produce something stunning but simple, something a Bride can look at, fall in love and be able to actually achieve, by using local and small business's it promoted a talent you may not have had a chance to see before! (and us girls like to stick together!) You wont see any extensions, fake scenery or million dollar dresses. The flowers where hand chosen and tied , hair pieces hand crafted and makeup applied bit by bit to our natural beauty's.

The dresses where not decided my myself (although I was on hand for advice, who doesn't love dress shopping!?) The lovely Ladys at The Gorgeous Gown Shop let the Brides loose to find whatever they felt amazing in, we were lucky enough to have two dresses for each lady, and all four suited each girl the dresses where actually chosen by the models themselves with the lady's from the shop to help!

Im so excited to see the rest of the photos from Tina Clair,Art , these sneek peeks are just amazing, and Quorn Grange hotel was just the most beautiful setting !

everything you see in the shoot from dress's ,hair, makeup, hair pieces and photography is all from little local business's that... well... just rock! the work was so personal, unique and the whole day was full of giggle's and talent (and trying to get Karen out of the bath tub with a huge dress on!!) and im so thankfull for all the business and both models for giving up their Sunday of for my little idea.

aren't small business's wonderful!? I don't know many big brands that would have done the same and been such good company too!

Thankyou Girls (and Izzy! :p)

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