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Now before I begin on my badly spelt story,

their are a few things you need to know about those wedding fayre's you visit on a Sunday!

Now unless your 'in the biz' this may be news for you, but wedding fayre stands are not free, the range from £80.00 - £200.00 per table, so yes. we pay to work! (crazy huh!?) Most fayres are held on a Sunday (please keep in mind most in the wedding trade work Saturdays, and we are up Early!) So the people you are meeting may be £200 down, and have just given up there only day off with their family's to grin at you, this is normally a complete pleasure and worth the 8-9 hours on our feet (because it can take some suppliers over a hour just to set up!) so when reading this story, please take it as such (I don't mean to rant!) but the people behind those well decorated tables have put so much time effort and a whole lot of money into looking good, just for you!

(I feel especially sorry for florists, at least I can re-use some of my decorations, they have to buy new flowers every single time... it must cost £100's !)

So it started with a Family, just a normal one... I cant even recall anything other than how lovely this lady was to come over to me and smile and tell me how lovely my work was! (nawww!) she picked up a photo I had on my table and said just how nice it was, and it looked like something of 'Pintrest' and asked if the flowers id used where real, I explained yes a very lovely florist had hand crafted each bud onto wire (thank you Claire from Budding Floral Design)

well as quick as I could blink! this lovely lady had her camera phone out and took a snap of my work , a little taken back I think I just stood there with my mouth open, she then looked at me and said 'Thanks' ....' Ill show that to our Charlene, she will be able to do that just fine, she learns of YouTube, and she's just as good, she can do anything!'

now... I am sure this lady was just proud of her (what I am assuming is) daughter/granddaughter, and that's wonderful ( I expect my nan does the same)

however.... this 'simple' shot took hours, hair, flowers, makeup, photography and editing

I understand there is always 'DIY' articles in the Bridal Magazines, YouTube tutorials and Facebook videos to help you believe you can in-fact 'create the look', admittedly sometimes you can! To feel inspired, get ideas and spend time pampering yourself by following these online tutorials is a brilliant idea (I especially love to see a good plait!)

My issue is not that this woman wanted her daughter to copy my work, I felt amazing that I was able to create something somebody wanted to steal! It was that she had taken hours of work and simply 'snapped' it away. our work 'lost' , now this lady could have shown 10 people this snap , they could have all loved it and asked 'oh my gosh who did that!?'

... I am sure the answer would have been 'some girl'... well that's my booking lost;

(she didn't take a business card, so I don't think she passed along any information)

Please don't think I am the only supplier that suffers, a stunning candy cart has a similar experience . their was a bloke who said ' I can put out a load of sweets from pound land, we don't need to spend extra' ' ... and I agree, you could; but please don't think it would look or have the same feel as the professional one (these girls put so much love and care into their work - Lasara Candy Carts)

So if you are planning to DIY your wedding and are walking around a fayre, please feel free to be inspired; but do not 'snap' away our hours of hard work, planning and education to achieve the original look, return smiles even if you already have it sorted.

We love out jobs! (we wouldn't be in the wedding biz if we didn't ) and we LOVE being apart of such a huge day of your life - it is honestly worth the aching feet and lack of dinner break, so enjoy. say hello! -

you may just be tempted by a professional and say goodbye to DIY

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