Top Tips for a relaxing Spa Day

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Spa's... Along with being the most awesome place on earth are becoming a popular destination for Hen Do's or just a place for a Bride-To-Be to relax before her big day!

But how to be Spa Savy?

Now ive only been lucky enough to visit a spa three times; however this time I was taken by a totally Spa Savy Lady called Lorraine ; this lady need to run tours, what she doesn't know about a spa isn't worth knowing.

so ive picked up some tips...

1) (and this is mine) USE CONDITIONER!

almost every lady I saw had their hair pulled back in a pony; so either on dry or wet hair apply conditioner, you just look like you have wet hair, but its actually creating a barrier and the change from hot and cold temperatures will help it sink in ; most Spa's will have 'complementary' conditioner in the showers - I would advise you take your own, a moisture conditioner that's wonderfully thick! (but the one's provided are a handy back up)

2) What to take?

My advice is to take two swimming costumes/bikinis if you have them, you can get changed into a nice dry one to have your dinner in ; there is nothing worse than being cold, in a wet costume trying to have a nice meal!

I found if your having a back massage or treatment a bikini may be better (you can just slip your top off, rather than getting changed again or the dreaded paper pants!)

however a swimming costumer covers a few more sin's for me (you are sitting most of the day!) you also can lean back and relax and not worry about a 'strap' digging in or heating up in the sauna )

3) How to prep?

Now thankfully I was told by a beautician a few years ago, she advised me to exfoliate before I went, a lot of soaking, heating up and cooling down can mean that old top layer of skin will be taken off (yes gross I know, but that's why your skin feels SO good after a spa day!) so having a good scrub is better for all, but it stops that nasty build up feeling or peeling legs!

it also makes sure all your makeup has gone, panda eyes are nobody's favourite.

4) what to do first?

book! if you'd like anything done, massage, nails ect... its an idea to book first (even before you get changed!) you will find some services have better times- for example, false eyelashes, because you cant get back in the pool after, everyone wants the last booking of the day.

I know within my own business how important skin tests are, if your not a regular user or member keep in mind they will want to test you 24 hours before a eyelash, eyebrow tint, so it may be an idea to plan on services you need no testing for.

5) avoid the crowds and don't get to exhausted

now I was super excited about my spa day, I just wanted to get in the pool, our unofficial tour guide (Lorraine) advised us to do things 'later on' so we arrived, sat, had coffee and basically took it slow, we even went into the quite room read and had a little nap! when everyone else went for dinner that's when we hit the pools and sauna's, just as it started to fill again it was time for us to eat!

we decided not to book a meal ( I would advise big party's to) and eat at the café, we could arrive and leave as we pleased and there was enough choice to keep everyone happy!

as I am a grazer (I don't eat a lot, but I eat often) booking a meal wasn't for me, if your a 'fill your boots' kind of girl- book away!

from 5pm it tends to be members, so serious swimmers- if you want to swim laps go AM if youd like to have the sauna's and spa rooms to yourself go over lunch or as late as possible!

6) changing rooms!

you may find there is more than one, the furthest away from the pool is usually the quietist - I was lucky enough to have one totally to myself thanks to my savvy spa friend!

Obviously for most people a Spa day is such a treat, and although I wish I could live in the outdoor heated pool (oooohhh nice!) I unfortunately like most, have to go home when my day has finished,

I had a seriously wonderful, much needed pamper

thank you to Tom, Lorraine , Rebecca , Dave and other Dave


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