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Hair Advice/Tips and InfoPosted by Lauren Fri, April 15, 2016 19:58:19

Rules to stick to if you really want that’s colour to last.

Its okay to turn up with day old hair, but extreme oil can make it hard for the foils to grip!

Don’t wash your hair for 24 hours after a colour, this should be followed every time!

Use a colour safe shampoo and conditioner that will seal those ends

Colour safe shampoos stop water and other nasty bits from flooding your hair follicles and taking your colour with it, cleansing is important but scrubbing with sulphates and parabens will bring your colour and especially toner out in as little as one wash! (what a waste!) (I recommend Beever hair cares colour shield duo at £24.00 – just ask to place a order)

Was in cool water, heat damage isn’t just from straigtners!

Use heat protect! It honestly makes a huge diffence to your hair and colour!

(I recommend Beever hair cares heat shield for £8.20 – just ask to order!)

Don’t use the highest heat possible, it worth taking your time and treating your hair to a blowdry! You may get an extra day before you need to wash your hair, therefor less damage has been done!

Conditioning treatments, anyone heavily bleached or taking a long holiday in the sun should be using a treatment; it penetrates the vortex of your hair like a quick condition cant!

Towel turbans are your friends, if your hair is damaged using an oil is a brilliant way to help out (and give your hair shine again!) pop the oil on and put your hair back into the towel turban, the heat from your hair and head will let the oil sock in better than just applying and drying!

(I recommend Beever hair cars recovery oil at just £16.20, beautiful Argan oil – just ask to order!)

Smoking, fumes and swimming can affect your hair! tell your hairdresser if you do / are around these chemicals/fumes daily! Nicotine can especially turn blonde hair brassy, chlorine can turn you green and petrol fumes can leave an orange tinge, protective measures may need taking (like shampooing twice, using silver shampoo to combat or helping your hair be less porous with oils ect)

Never EVER ever EVER! Use Henna, and if you have done TELL YOUR HAIRDRESSER!

Henna can react, and create a cloud of smoke above your hair, heat it up and end up breaking off! This is serious business – even if you believe it all to be gone, be safe not sorry!

Bleach doesn’t lie, when lifting your hair we can see exactly what’s under it (red, green, black!) if you’ve been dying your hair with box dye for 10 years, a different tone, brand and depth each time… please make sure your smart, start YEARS before a big event like your wedding to get it fixed and healthy again

Just say no to head and shoulders and tresame (these are the worst, there’s more!) DO tell your hairdresser if you use these, we will tell you not to! But at least we can decide on the best method for your hair, these products especially can cause reactions

If you’ve had a allergic reaction – SPEEK UP! Pretty hair is not worth a trip to A&E and could cause us a lot of unneeded stress, obviously we will skin test you- however if you know you will react sometimes the little patch test isn’t really worth it- why stress your skin when you know the service shouldn’t (and won’t be) done anyway!

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