NEC Competitions part 1 – prep

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NEC Competitions part 1 – prep

So im very pleased to say Kerry from Beautiful You MUA and I are going down to the NEC to compete in the beauty awards, I was very excited to be asked along again and out some of our knowledge from last year to help towards this year’s judging,

Now before I start I need to say how overwhelmingly complementary the judges where about Kerry’s work! She is of course amazing, and unfortunately there’s no prize for 4th place but we were told we would have taken it if there was! So win or lose Kerry was ASKED to return by a judge, and that’s an achievement in itself – now this year the competition will be bigger, as it’s a makeup and hair award this time, although my hair was counted towards the overall look, I wasn’t being individually judged like Kerry , this time is different! We will both be timed, watched, marked and judged!

So let me take you through a little of the prep!

We are entering two category’s; Winter Bridal and Great Gatsby (I know perfect, but lets not count are chickens!)

We will lose marks if Kerry uses her hands, are seen to have a messy station, if hand sanitizer isn’t used, if we are not seen to be behaving correctly or looking/working professionally (yeah, pressure!) and that’s just a few ways we can be marked down!

We are also judged on the ‘overall look’ so it’s not ALL hair and makeup , we are both in a fashion industry after all, having beautiful hair and glamorous makeup may not make such sense in jeans and a hoody , so this is where I need to make my thankyou’s – I Do Wedding Gifts have truly gone above and beyond to lend us a huge selection of jewellery and accessories (the peacock feather hair slide has especially won my heart, and is beyond perfect for Great Gatsby) - Soar Valley Brides is always supportive of myself and other little local businesses, and once again she’s gone out of her way to lend us very stunning gowns, and the train on the winter bridal gown is a definite show stopper!

Along with the overall look we also have a mood board to do a little talking for us, and I have to say, there a lot harder than I realised to create! I kind of thought, sure just stick stuff onto a board… but no. the bloggers of this world helped me out! There advice of using buzz words to capture attention, to use lots of different materials, colours and pens , mind maps seem to be loved by all and to be clear on the subject by having a title and using the subject words over and over may sound simple but trying to fit all this information onto A3 was actually a challenge! (One I hope pays off, but you never really know what exactly the judges want to see, and what may impress one ; may seem boring or predictable to another!) I decided to put a personal twist on the board by printing photos of the trials, dress fittings , jewellery and even a few conversations between myself and Kerry to show the time and effort put in!

So its needless to say it will be a EARLY start on Sunday, and there will be a lot of talent to contend with, im sure I don’t need to say how even coming in the top 5 would be a huge achievement to both of us (we are from such small villages, and many others competing will have hired professional models, brand new designer/catwalk gowns and may even be being sponsored by some well-known names, salons or beauty parlours )now we don’t want to give to much away (that will come in part 2) But we do want to say thank you to out two extremely gorgeous and lovely models who have agrees to give up so much time to support out businesses (not just an entire Sunday , but trials and fittings two!) it’s not going to be easy being stared at but you’ll both be amazing!

And obviously the small businesses that helped us, I find it amazing these small businesses took the time to lend us things so important to their business just to help and encourage us the gowns and accessories may not sound important to a hair and makeup comp, but it actually may be make or break!

And of course all or friends, family and clients, all those likes, shares and good luck’s have made us feel very loved J

We will be nervous, but were doing what we love, and win or lose the feedback will help us improve out trade- and that’s extremely valuable

Oh and my last one for Kerry, thankyou Beautiful You MUA for inviting me – lets do this!!

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