NEC Competition – part 2, taking part!

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NEC Competition – part 2, taking part!

Now before I begin its so important to say how amazed I am with everyone involved, to our models who sat and smiled, our local small businesses who really stepped up and of course Kerry , now you may think were used to working under pressure doing wedding hair and makeup, but this was a whole different kettle of fish! For those that don’t know, I’ve been on X Factor and sang in front of 13 thousand people….. This felt worse!

We expected more people, but we were a little shocked. It felt like double from last year!

And everyone involved brought their A game, homemade dresses, head pieces, one lady had a beard! (yes I know, but special effects is an outrageous category!)

We also seemed to a have double the judges, so it really was impossible not to be nervous or be worried we were breaking any rules!

They were so complementary of mine and Kerry’s work; they kept stopping to ask questions, put Kerry especially on the spot and encourage us too, and I think a few seemed to recognize us from last year!

So our first category was winter bridal, and of course Sammie looked amazing, our mood board seemed to be to standard (and nobody seemed to notice my spelling mistake- or where too polite to say haha!) and the dress from soar valley brides and shrug, headband, earing and broach from I do wedding gifts really rounded off and finished our overall look , Kerry’s makeup was just stunning – im defiantly no makeup judge or expert but Sammy lip, eye colour and entire makeup was bridal perfect !

Along with the snowflake hair band (I do wedding gifts) the flower studio very kindly gave us some gyp , these little snowflake like flowers are one of my favoured things to use , and although Sammie has very thin, fly away hair a good set and products soon made it easy to manage (Root Boost from Beever Hair Care gave it some much needed grit and body, and Gloss drops added shine and helped control the fly-aways)

Our overall look

Our second category was work inspired by a book, the Art or Makeup – now your encouraged to put your own spin on things, so for us we choose Great Gatsby and put a classic bridesmaid twist , and oh my gosh, the beautiful Laura looked so elegant and like shed just fell out of a movie, again out bold royal blue dress from soar valley brides was perfect, black shrug, long gloves, art deco feather earing, necklace and hair slide was perfect, and I had so many people complement the peacock feather slide in the back and once again the look just couldn’t have been created without those small businesses, Kerrys makeup techniques caught the eye of a few judges , and possibly the sweatiest group of lady’s who decided to be our unofficial cheer leaders , the makeup was beautifully bold and I defiantly need to get some of the red stick tips! (how does she do it!?)

Along with the two feather hair slides (one peacock) and blue ‘skrew in’ hair jewels , I decides to set curl, pin curl and roll the hair, this was a bit of a challenge in two hours but im pleased to say we managed it! I used Beever hair cares argon oil to give shine and help keep the ends in a good condition and spritz fix for that set and shiny finish.

Our overall look

Now a few days before this competition I was talking to my nan about it, I said were just going to join in, try and maybe feel a little inspired to push ourselves and I’m proud to say we did that!

But im still a little overwhelmed to say we did a little better than that due to our amazing team work I was able to take home first prize for bridal hair!

None of us actually expected to win, so you can emagen my shock! The lady giving the award actually styles hair for strictly, and bless her she gave me the biggest cuddle and told me I’d done fantastic (there were tears im not going to lie!) I think just random letters came out of me, im not sure I actually made any sense (so if you ever find this and read it, I think I was trying to say OH MY GOD THANKYOUUU!) (haha)

When the awards had finished another judge got back on stage, and said he’d just got off the phone as he’d rang head office- he wanted to give another award for hair artistry and skill, but as one didn’t exist nether did a prize (but he would be in touch – eekkk!) , now I know he was pointing at me and asking me to come up on stage AGAIN, but I couldn’t quite believe it, thank goodness for Laura and Kerry snapping me out of my shock and getting me to go up! (yes, more tears… this time was ugly crying) and again, bless him, he shook my hand and told me not to cry, as I deserved it, I think my reply was ‘but I don’t win things.’

To win frist place was amazing, but to have an award created for me – its still not sunk in! im unsure if it ever will!

I was lucky enough to get time with a judge to as for some feedback, she came and looked at my hair styles, she was so complementary about the look we had created and how we worked together, she said my hair was well thought out, neat and balanced, I asked her for some nasty criticism… and this is when the REALLY ugly tears appeared because she said there wasn’t really much she could say! And it was ‘perfect’, they all said they were really impressed with my skill.

I’m unsure if any of it really sank in, but before I knew it I was back on stage having photos with the judges!

I have to say to be so supported by each other and all you lovely lot on Facebook honestly made the whole day a bit surreal – we were all knackered, nervous and totally In heaven, and I cannot thank the girls enough Laura, Kerry and Sammie-

It would not have been possible to win without you! It was such a team effort, and I honestly wouldn't have won without your support and talent!

Thankyou again Beautiful You MUA , for your makeup wizardry and general loveliness (you did yourself proud!)

Oh and of course Tom, who put up with weeks of mood boards, earing dilemmas and who got up at 5:45 to help me load the car and made me pancakes.

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