Born A Hairdresser

Lauren's BlogPosted by Lauren Thu, November 26, 2015 15:58:02

So I get asked a lot- When did I start hairdressing!?

Realistically I got my first Job at 15/16 so I happily say over 9 years, but my mum will say a different story (one I love to hear, so hopefully you will enjoy reading!)

When I was in Primary School my mum was both a Home Hairdresser and a T/A at my primary school (Highgate) I used to watch her Cut and Colour and offer 'Tea' to her clients (being to little to reach or use the kettle this was normally a tea bag in a mug with cold tap water, what lucky clients!)

During my first year my Primary School teacher began to get a little worried that I was picking up things a little slower than others, I struggled with everything.

They started looking into Dyslexia from quite early on, a way to test this with little children is to get them cutting and sticking! I think the rest of the kids 'got it' in two or three weeks, after a month my primary school teacher (Mrs Booth) got my mum from her class and asked her to watch- I was not getting it, and soon they would be moving on to other things!

so my mum grabbed a chair in the back and watched...

she was soon in chuckles of laughter

Mrs Booth was very confused and thought Mum was not understanding how serious this may be, or could be- she asked her to look again.

Turns out mum was laughing because I was cutting like a hairdresser!

normally people cut with their thumb and 'pointing' finger.

hairdressers cut with there thumb and 'wedding; finger! (have a look at your next appointment!)

[[it balances the scissors and helps be more exact!]]

My mum decided I'd be fine from then on, and brought me a modelling doll head for my birthday and decided to save her hairdressing equipment (some of I still use!)

Everything I struggled to 'get' in school I picked up quickly with my mum hairdressing, my dyslexia was diagnosed quite young , yet the (very nice) woman who was testing me was totally shocked to see me plait my dolls hair yet spell my name wrong!

so I am happily now saying I have 24 years experience! I just may have to start counting from my birthdate!

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