Alice In Wonderland Photoshoot

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Alice in wonderland inspired shoot

Now amatively my day didn’t start well, but its amazing how these things can cheer you up immediately!

It’s all about the details -

Walking into the pumping house (Nottingham)it’s such a striking building, I always love the strangest things in buildings- like windows and tiles and this one defiantly didn’t let me down,

I walked in to the table being set up, now obviously being a Alice shoot, the mad hatter theme was just perfect, the table was laced with vintage looking pages from the original book, beautiful settings and lots of quirky stuff for the centrepiece all from Ace wedding designs, Jessie also made a huge rose (so clever) , she has a real eye for detail!

Now I’m a total tea belly and own far too many tea pots, so yes, cups and saucers do excite me! Vintage Tea Party provided the crockery (you can’t have a mad hatter’s tea party without posh tea cups ay!)

We also had shoe’s by Haze , who brought a selection of quirky Alice, tea cake inspired shoes, I love little touch’s like this for shoots, I think shoes add so much personality!

And the cake… now let’s talk about the cake! I thought it was a statue at first, I cannot believe it was edible and a CAKE! My only issue is... it looked far too amazing to actually eat! (haha) I think I’d have to look away when its cut into! (cake by strawberry cupcakes Nottingham)

Hair, Makeup and overall look

we had dresses from Shakespeare in love - bridal boutique (Stratford-upon-Avon) and Fur Coat No Knickers

Now I’m always excited to work with these two lady’s Kerry from Beautiful you MUA, who’s flawless makeup once again looked amazing and Amy from Dolls mad hattery, (yes she was made for this shoot!) who’s artistic, quirky ideas are so wonderful , I can simply mention an idea to Amy and *poof* it arrives , handmade and full of love!

Let’s start with our pin up beauty Amy, who just quite simply seemed to be so pleased to have her hair and makeup done she was open to anything (hair and makeup dream client!) so Kerry led the way with vintage , a path I was oh so happy to follow, I decided on a quirky take to victory rolls, and pin curls, the whole hair was set and put in rolls, I finished with glitter spray and a few blue and silver pretty grips to marry up that amazing bow! Now dolls mad hattery is always a pleasure to work with, this big sparkely bow was surprisingly light and show stopping, and so very Alice! It fixed in easily and had a detachable veil… now that’s cleaver, finished with a silver embroided dress (and more glitter spray) we had our little pinch of Alice, our model Amy AKA ‘the face’ (she’s just SO photogenic is infuriating) is actually from Strawberry Cupcakes (who made the cake masterpiece)

Now to our lovely Jessie, who is now a little pro at photo-shoots, we actually did my ‘small business’ shoot with this beauty, and it was a please as always to have her back in my chair, Jessie does have very fine hair that can fly away easily (thankfully I had my trusty gloss drops from beever hair care!) now Jessie is such a natural beauty, I didn’t want to drown her but I was so excited to do something a little quirky, I’m sure when I said the word Mohawk she may not have been over the moon (Im sure I won her around! :P) but oh I absolutely love how she looked, not every bride could pull off a hair vine, quiff, Mohawk and coloured beads along with such deep lipstick, but what a beauty! (And it really showed off her smile!) with the handmade vine from Dolls mad hattery being across the forehead, Kerry (beautiful you MUA) decided on more delicate eye makeup and stronger lip colour, this worked perfectly with the quirky hair design, I love the pop of colour and different textures used between the hair and accessories! #dreamteam – Jessie out model is actually from Ace Wedding Designs , so she managed to look happy and serein whilst still setting tables and helping the shoot along!

The shoot was organised by That Black and White Cat, who also helped the overall look, and is genuinely a pleasure to work with , and photos taken by Thomas Thomas photography, who thankfully shares my love for ELO, im so excited to see your photos!

Thanks so much for having us,

Were all mad here ….

Plaits And Pin Curls

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