Why do colour corrections really cost more?

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So hello summer! Everything gets lighter, brighter and you’ve just booked that holiday – so naturally, your wearing brighter clothes probably feeling pasty and oh so fed up with your hair…

It’s time for a change!

So whats the difference between a colour change and a correction, and why oh why!? Is it so much more expensive!?

There's no sugar coating here, this is really why you are paying more for a correction, than a 'normal' appointment /// Before i start ~ i am a fully qualified hairdresser,but also Dyslexic - so along with no sugar coating; there may be a few spelling and grammar mistakes! - but hay! That me- and im blogging anyway #DyslexicBlogger #ProudToBeDyslexic

A colour change… Generally this is a small change, you’ve been with your hairdresser a long time, and he/she knows exactly WHAT is on your hair, and how it reacts, a simple ‘I’m going away and don’t want to be to blonde’ shouldn’t be too much of a problem, adding a soft lowlight is a small change, it may have no cost difference (as it’s the same amount of product just a shade darker) or just a small added extra for and extra colour, you may find if you have highlights you will need to have a full head to keep it even

however very blonde or stubborn hair may differ, for example its not always as simple as ‘putting a brown on’ applying a light brown to very light hair may turn ‘Khaki’(have a green tinge) a lot of careful planning and time may be needed .

a colour correction, my view (and im sure most hairdressers will agree) if you have box dye on your hair and it needs ‘correcting’ if that’s lighter, dalker, more tones or to cover grey it’s a colour correction, therefore you will pay more (not so cheap now ay!) Basically we don’t train in them, they contain more ammonia (*on average) the is no real lodgic to them, we ask what you’ve applied to try help us decide how to tackle it, and of course we cant get a straight answer, ‘cappuccino’ is NOT a colour,we deal in 5/65 or 5/rc (this totally depends on brand and training, even if your home dye has a code to it, it un-lightly to match ours, for instance 6 can be brilliant red in one brand or fairly boring cool brown in another, not to mention box dyes are invented for ‘everyone’ and they do just that, they are just a flat colour that goes on, if you’ve box dyed it 10 times and over lapped it will look totally different to someone who’s used the exact same colour just once and again on hair of a different colour… boggling I know!)

our other issue is tint doesn’t lift tint, even if you’re a regular, there is no magic button,if you want to go lighter expect a big sit, bleach and a bill.

So why are colour corrections so expensive?

- Training and education

(it costs us to learn how to do this, believe it or not, hairdressing isn’t for the faint of heart ; it has a lot of science and art involved)

- Time

(and this is a HUGE one, if you’re not a regular or you’ve been using box dye we really can’t guarantee HOW LONG a correction will take, so we make the most educated guess possible (were normally pretty good) but we have to book out A LOT of time for you, and generally a little extra ‘run over’ time, now although it sounds odd, we could have probably fit in another colour and cut in the space it takes to transform your hair, so we have lost anywhere from £40-£95 and well beyond in bigger cities of money before we start! So if you’ve been quoted less than what you pay for two colours and cuts, you’re probably getting a bargain!

- Products

(most colour changes need a special order, we need to make sure the correct colour is in and mostly you can need 2/3 tubes and toner just for yourself – and weather we use the whole tube for you or not, we had to order it for you… and that costs deliver/ time to go out and buy it)

- It’s a balancing act

(making sure your happy, yet lifting your hair carefully enough so damage is minimum is hard work, we need to also spend time doing a consultation , skin test and potentially a stand and porosity test too… sound complicated? Nothing compared to deciding on what colour to use! And we can ask you to use the correct products to enhance our work until were blue in the face… but generally not all follow the advice of a professional, so this may mean your colour may fade quicker or you may have more delicate hair or worse a plastic coating! This means it may take 2/3 goes or need re colouring in-between appointments, or your hair doesn’t take as expected)

*and on this point I do need to say, by enhancing our work, your enhancing your own hair, skin tone and features!

- The lifting process

(and I mean process, ill go back to box dye here as its such a good example to use- so you’ve been dying for 10 years? You’ve had red, chocolate, auburn and deep brown … well when we apply bleach it almost goes through thouse stages, we know if you’ve had red on! We cans see… so during your consultation when you said ‘my reds all grown out now’… hummm. *scream* because its not.. here it is appearing, so now your hair is patchy (because the colours where applied that way, almost like a rocket lolly, because the ends of your hair have more colour than the roots, oh the roots are blonde the midlenghts are red and the ends are orange…. I may have to cancel my lunch! This is again why cost may be higher as with clients we have a detailed client card, we also don’t overlap if its not necessary so hair lifts much smoother and more even!)

- Good old fashioned hard work

You’ve heard of no rest for the wicked? Colour corrections are totally wicked! Haha

You dream about it, worry about it, wake up at 3am with the perfect colour combination, find yourself at the wholesalers simply stoking colour tubes , then you’ve got the actual appointment, yes we stand for a living, but no you never really get used to it. It can be a stressful, painful (my poor feet) and hungry experience (bye bye lunch!) and of course totally worth it in the end, you leave looking like a totally different person and bouncing away from us, it’s worth every second!

So how to save money on a colour correction!?

Crazy I know, but invest in GOOD products, healthy, happy, shiny hair will not only react better for us, but KEEP YOUR HAIR ON YOUR HEAD! Less damage, less chance of falling or snapping under pressure

And of course (you know what’s coming) steer clear of DIY colouring!

But don’t expect it to be ‘cheap’

Remember you get what you pay for, be realistic.

It may take 2/3 sessions, it will take time, money and effort, you will need to look after it and follow advise!

But hay! Nobody ever regretted taking too much care of their hair!

Its such a huge part of your look and how you feel!

And for me… worth every single penny (or should I say pounds?)

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