Taking on psoriasis naturally

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Psoriasis is a autoimmune skin disorder/condition it can affect the entire body, but usually shows up in the scalp, body and is most common on joints.

I’ve had ‘P’ since I was around 15, and I was covered, I was lucky to not have much on my hands or face (as it’s hardest to hide) however my scalp always has been the worst! Anyone with P knows, it’s a red, itchy, flaky and THE most annoying thing, it’s painful; it can weep , bleed and you know that feeling when someone mentions nits? Yeah… your head itches, you can feel them crawling?

That’s a bit like scalp psoriasis! Except, when you itch, you get these lovely white flaks fall on your shoulder (and I have to say, 4 years of black uniform and what felt like a constant snow storm on my shoulders– I can’t emagen anything more annoying! )

So, obviously I was filled full of prescription after prescription, It was expensive, smelly (some medication really stinks. Like cold tar! Eww!) And none of it really seemed to work, or had side effects.

Now before I start, I want to point put I’m obviously not a doctor, and I chose my words very wisely ‘taking on’ not curing, healing or magically making go away! You have to take on P because it’s a fight, and its long term, You can get it under control, and then get ill or stressed and BOOM!

Its back!

It took a long time for me to see a difference… but this is how I took on my psoriasis naturally

Soak it up- let’s talk bath, it softens an soaks skin and joints, adding dead sea salts (or my favourite) Epsom salts to your bath can help remove excess skin, keep it warm and try to stay clear of bubble baths *see ‘nasty chemicals’

Nasty chemicals – ‘SLS’ is the nasty chemical that is in almost all bubble baths and hair shampoos (anything that bubbles up is lightly to have it in!) it breaks down compounds and irritates aking, SLS is not only (worryingly )in floor cleaner and engine degreaser, it’s something doctors use on a test to irritate your skin and diagnose skin disorders! I started using SLS free hair care range (Beever Hair Care) the Daily shampoo is a natural cleanser and gentle, it’s also helped the P on my body as *see above* almost all bubble baths or shower jell has ‘SLS’ in so as I shampooed it actually started to clear up the P on my body

Moisturise – yes, find the moisturiser that works for you! All we hear is about is ‘E45’ , someone’s sisters , cats , brothers, girlfriend has always been cured by coconut oil or E45 , don’t believe the hype, find your own ; I find swapping regularly is great or my skin just get used to a product, I found a great SLS free moisturiser from Cornwall , natural coconut oil has worked in the past (the proper stuff that’s solid, and has to be rubbed into a liquid) E45 was awful for me! Again, do your research! I’ve also used ‘tropics’ is a very natural products and its really helped my skin and clear up around my ears, and dry patches on my face.

Scrub- yes it hurts, but expholiate! The gloves are brilliant because you don’t need bubble bath or shower gel to scrub, just water Sunshine- if you find any… let me know. But we all know that oh so magical combination of a week with sunshine, sea , sand and less stress

Diet – no mines not perfect, like most (I like chocolate to much) But I find things like coke and other fizzy drinks don’t help, some foods are natural anti-inflammatory (like sweet potatoes, salmon and broccoli) – and of course alcohol and smoking will inflame.

Psoriasis can’t be cured… it just cant. It can be kept under control and helped. Ive found treating naturally gave me some control over side effects, I spent the money I would have spent on prescriptions on products (try SLS, SULPAHTE AND PAREBEN FREE PRODUCTS)

And YES , let’s say the dreaded words (that make you want to punch people in the face)…. “Well, just don’t stress “– (had we known this, well gosh! We would have just changed our personalities and not have stressed…why we didn’t think of that!?)

But stress does affect you! Going natural, it may get worse before it gets better, it may instantly help! It does depend on your stress levels, if it seems like it getting worse, be careful not to give up; it could just be a coincidence with your flare up !

It took a long time, but im so pleased to say it’s the best its ever been!

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