Vintage, Retro and Modern hair

Wedding Hair BlogPosted by Lauren Wed, September 14, 2016 19:08:33

So I was lucky enough to attend another training course this year, this one was for Vintage, retro and modern hair styling -

it was in Nottingham and I was extremely lucky to have a great teacher and small class size , so i got the most of my experience!

I am a fully qualified hairdresser, amd i specialise in Wedding Hair ~ however! That doesn't stop me wanting to learn , the amazing thing about hair is its always changing and evolving, theres always new ideas or techniques and even products or styling tools to use!

I also love to feel inspired and try new things! So lets start with the classic stuff - and sorting our Vintage from our Retro....

1920s - hair was shorter in appearance, flatter styles with head hugging waves. ( few layers and normally set wet)

1930s - hair became looser, more sensual with moment, with a big focus on loose curls and long hair (These styles are still popular today)

1940s - with the outbreak of the war. Women had a different role! Waves,curls and rolls especially the famous victory rolls became popular! We also saw 'bangs' and 'fringes ' - these styles let women work with hair in there face or on there collars (Hair nets and scarfs where the chosen accessories - hair padding was made out of old stockings!)

1950s - with the war over, a rise in fashion showed. With Monroe and hepburn - hair became more seductive. Moment and large shares , but strong short styles still making an appearance. Larger hair accessories also started to make an appearance

1960s -the Bouffant and beehives were hot looks! Hair was big, backcombed or very flat. Bobs also coming into fashion.

~ a few modern cuts can unfortunately make vintage hair either hard work or impossible (very short layers can make setting or rolling hard work) I had a great time polishing my skills up,and gaining more knowledge. These are a few snaps of the styles i created #hair

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