Wedding hair prep timeline

Wedding Hair BlogPosted by Lauren Wed, October 12, 2016 12:03:07

7/8 months before – discuss and order products/hair care routine

Find out what products will help your hair, help any problems and enhance your hair, it doesn’t matter to much if you’re not 1000% sure on what style you’re going for, up or down healthy hair is easier to style, shape and create style on!

Tips- medium hair is the best to work with, so by using volume shampoo on fine hair, or oils to make course hair more pliable, are aim is to get your hair as close to ‘medium’ as we can with products, if your hair is already medium (not to thick or fine) it’s about getting it healthy and full of shine, I would suggest ‘SLS’ , Sulphate and harsh chemical free shampoos,

(I use Beever hair care and have wedding hair packages that involve hair care, trials and wedding day styling – and can all be delivered to your door if the package needs swapping around to suit your hair, just ask!!)

6/7 months before- start your hair journey (I can help brides local to Quorn)

Your products have had a good month to work, so pre book your appointment to start that journey, you may want to be longer, blonder, healthier or just get a more polished look ,Box dye can be more damaging and harder to remove, so it takes time! Blonde can’t be achieved over night in most cases; and if the aim is to grow. – Sometimes it’s slow and steady that’s the best approach.

Tips- depending on your colour and cut anything from 4 weeks to every 8/9 , once you’ve had your first appointments and there’s a plan in place book backwards from your wedding so you know your colour and cut will be fresh (and there will be no roots!

3/ 4 months before – trials

Remember to pre book (especially if you need a Saturday!) your hair should have had a little work by now and be closer if not at your desired colour , your close enough to actually get excited, but there is a little time left should you like another trial, or want any tweaks to your colour or cut

Tip- some brides are unfortunately to far away for me to help with mobile appointments, its an idea to take a photo of your trial style to your hairdresser, they may be able to colour according to the style like I do.

3/ 4 weeks before – last colour and cut

Make sure your colour and cut is fresh! You may require a vitamin or conditioning mask or shine gloss, make sure it’s not too close to your big day, as it can make hair feel weighed down for a day or two, but if like most your colour is due 2/3 weeks before, asking for a conditioning mask between your foils whist your colour takes is a great way to get a fresh colour, cut and give your hair one last drink (it shouldn’t affect your hair style, again as long as it’s not too close to your big day!)

1 day before- hair prep

So you’ve been using your recommended products for a good 7/8 months now, your hair should be in the best condition possible, so generally the night before –A good shampoo, conditioner and heat protection (and anything else recommended) will keep you hair safe during the hour or so of styling – add hold, texture and shine and make your hair as beautiful as possible!

Of course we will bring our lotions and potions but the better you treat it, the easier it is for us, and the longer your style lasts! So doing a blow dry is ideal!

Tip- we say night before! But talk just ask, all hair is diffrent, a lot of ‘off the shelf’ products can leave a plastic coating on your hair using the correct products should mean your hair is easier to curl and control so remember to pack them, or re order if needed!

for more information see or contact 07511563997

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