Random Act Of Kindness

The Dyslexic BloggerPosted by Lauren Thu, November 17, 2016 20:30:09

A random act of kindness

I’m always seeing amazing story’s online of people amazingly making somebody’s day… just because

Sometimes small (a radio presenter brought train tickets for a man to see his son) to a man who tipped an American waitress £100! )

I’m a huge believer in Karma, what goes around comes around… so I wanted to do something nice, and setting my hairdressing skills upon someone seemed the best way!

So whats happening? – I’m giving away a FREE hair pamper, to someone. They can have the pamper any time in Jaunary (excluding sat and Sundays) and when a winner is chosen, I will let you know exactly what is involved.

Its all being done privately, so to enter you Private Message my business Facebook page (plaits and pin curls) and let me know who you’d like to nominate, where they live (eg. lougbrough) and who they are to you (friend, mum, sister) (or nominate yourself)

Ill contact the winner before Christmas, and we can arrange if you’d like it a surprise or not!


But first I have to tell you about my Altera motive… I have been hairdressing for over 10 years (I know.. I started young! ) and im very lucky, because my job is my passion! And I eat, sleep and dream in hair!

And I’m very lucky, to have amazing family, friends, clients and brides… but in this ‘box dye’ day and age we live in means ive seen a big change in hairdressing, and I’m beginning to believe wowcher and other discounting sights along with being able to buy ‘dye’ and ‘scissors’ in poundland (oh gosh!) may be starting to take the joy of having your hair done, to sit down and be pampered (in your home by a professional or in a salon) with a cuppa, and a good natter with a hairdresser who really just wants to make you feel lovely,

There seems to be a rush to things, I constantly hear the words ‘late, quick, fast,’ on a lot of Facebook groups, from women searching for hairdressers

And along with wanting to treat someone to a hair pamper, I wanted to remind people this is an art, a talent, a joy!

It should be a relaxing experience you can be pampered and feel amazing after , that soft bouncy hair feeling after! (best thing ever!)

And it’s not just a nice thing for you! Hairdressing is hard work! Long hours on your feet, constant back, neck, shoulder and hand issues, no breaks , bad feet and posture, varicose veins … and the smiling. The hours of endless smiling, you’re the last to get your hair done, so you always look a state, you live of caffeine and chocolate..and your lungs are basically made up of hairspray and bleach (not to mention there just no point to having your nails done… because they’ll soon be a the same colour as your clients hair…)

But, when your client bounces back from the mirror after checking out her new cut or colour, grinning like a crazy person!… ahhh…

Totally worth it,

When they recommend you to anyone that will listen, when they tag you in a beautiful hair selfie or leave a review….

Really, really worth it!

January can be a hard month for the majority of us, cold, wet, raining and lets face it… we’ve ate nothing but turkey, chocolate and spent all our money on…. Well im not really sure where is goes (I think the elf’s take it!)

So I simply wanted to make someone’s day, in one of the more rubbish months of the year.

But I also wanted to remind people (and myself!) to enjoy having a hair experience! No rushing, running – just a totally free hair pamper… just because their friend, sister, mum, aunti,nabour thinks their lovely… and deserving .

I have already had some rather amazing messages, people nominating people- I didn’t expect such a quick response!

I’m very sad I can’t treat you all, but some of you really do have some amazing friends…

And its actually makes my night reading these messages!

And im really looking forward to doing… whoever wins hair!

find facebook link at home page

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