Holiday hair & skin - top tips!

Hair Advice/Tips and InfoPosted by Lauren Mon, May 21, 2018 10:05:28

So I’m back (sulks) I’ve had a fantastic lazy holiday in Gran Canaria with my partner Tom, and I’ve got those holiday blues… and skin…. And hair! eep

So I felt it was time for my newest blog!

With the rise of popularity of jetting off for hen do’s honey moons, mini moons and just your holiday there’s never a good time for bad skin and hair, but a month before the wedding is defiantly NOT the time,

So I’m armed with some top tips! And I’ve even asked some pro skin and MUA experts to help! (yay!)

So let’s start with hair !

My top tips!

Buy a hat! Helps with colour fade, heat and UV damage and could save you a BIG chop! (also, they can be adorable! – or like me just rock the Mrs Nesbitt Look! Ha!)

HEAT AND UV protection spray, some ‘off the shelf’ spays only ‘protect’ to a low heat, or are either UV or heat protection, make sure yours does both! Added moisture is a huge plus! (or failing that, Argon oil along with your protection spray!)

Keep your hair out of the water! Your blonde locks CAN go green from the chlorine or orange from the sun… (see tip 1 and 2 to help this!) so take lots of bobbles , plaits are fab because the bobbles are at the bottom (tips of your hair) lessening short snapping like a ponytail can create

You know what’s next…. GOOD QUALITY SHAMPOO AND CONDITONER (yes broken record, but a colour safe moisturising shampoo WILL help!)

And treat yourself to a conditioner hair mask at least once over the week your away! Your hair will just look wet to others, but the thick conditioner coats your hair, the hot sun opens up your cuticles- your hair will feel a little soft the wash after, and it will probably just want to be shiny, straight rather than forcing a style into it

So what about skin? Yeah…. I’m clueless too! So I’ve asked two pros to help you out! (hooray!)

Introducing Kerry from Beautiful You MUA , a beautician and MUA with over 8 years’ experience , a prestigious London makeup award along with countless published works, including the makeup styling for the front cover of a bridal magazine, Kerry manages to somehow make applying makeup look effortless (yes even with 3 tiny humans!) and is oh so down to earth and realistic with making sure everyone has access to makeup knowledge!

And Chloe from Chloe Simone MUA , an experienced & featured MUA and aesthetician ,with training from some of the ‘best in the biz’ and has secured recognition from some of the leading industry experts , Chloe is extremely pro inner beauty, glowing skin and is absolutely bursting with knowledge!

My question to Chloe (Chloe Simone MUA): I know there are rules to buying sun tan lotion, what’s your top tip for picking one that will work and help my skin?

Chloes answer: SPF is a must have for your skin! It should be used daily, whether or not you believe it’s a nice sunny day. The suns rays can penetrate our skin whatever the weather, causing Skin damage, ageing and many concerns around cancer. Always look out for lotions that don’t contain Chemical filters, Organic sunscreens are your best and easiest option

My Question to Kerry (Beautiful You MUA) : What’s one item of makeup or skin care you’d suggest packing in your hand luggage to keep me from looking jet lagged?

Kerry’s answer: I always take a moisturiser that has SPF 15 in it to protect my skin along with that I would take a rejuvenating eye cream/gel to keep my under eyes looking fresh and awake

My question to Chloe (Chloe Simone MUA) : What’s your top tip for sun burn & peeling skin, and getting your skin heathy again!?

Chloe’s answer : Its always best to avoid the sun, if the skin ‘tans’ we have damaged it! If the mistake of sunburn takes place, use plenty of Moisturiser, drink a lot of water and avoid drastic drops or rises in water temperature during bathing. Natural options such as aloe and coconut are nice soothers for skin, do not pick peeling skin as this can evoke hyperpigmentation !

My question to Kerry (Beautiful You MUA) : My skin changes a lot on holiday! I find it can go greasy from the lotion, or dry from the sun, or it changes colour from the sun, and my foundation no longer suits! What are your ‘must pack’ item’s?

Kerry’s answer : because of skin colour change and sun spots can be a problem , I tend not to pack a foundation or BB cream. My 3 must haves are Bronzer ( gives you a natural glow and enhances the sun kissed look), Translucent powder (gives you a coverage without the colour helps to mattify skin and make it less shiny ) & a nude/clear lip gloss/balm to keep the lips moisturiser and give you a natural glow.

And I also want to say I’m am oh SO pro sun tan lotion, (I’m no expert) but I always maintain that if your skin has the ability to tan, you’ll tan! If not, you’ll burn, so 8 layers of oil later, your just increasing your chances of burns, peeling skin…and much worse !

To prove this! I used factor 50… yes!! FIFTY, all week,

As did Tom,

And guess what…. I still tanned! But safely, so just to show this is a week of factor 50, with very little time actually sunbathing, always with a parasol up and just staying in the shade or under cover if needed!

(Tom the same!) And still……

Same treatment, same factor – your skin will do what it does! Don’t push it – stay safe, and ENJOY!

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