To Go Up or Down!?

Hair Advice/Tips and InfoPosted by Lauren Sun, December 27, 2015 19:42:54

Pros and cons to have your hair up or down, it’s a big decision and one that I hear of most-

I’m sure every girls scrolled threw Google to find that perfect ‘do’ but unfortunately most women will pick the model not the hair, if you have short blonde fine straight hair you may be choosing the opposite because (like all women) we always want the hair we’ve not got, so before reading these pros and cons think of your hair type, face shape, dress and what will make you happy!

(don't worry if you don't know, this is all involved in my trials!)

Pro's for Having your hair down

*More natural, soft look that’s very feminine

*it’s not fixed to a theme, its simple and classic and wont clash

*it can soften your shoulders, if you feel your shoulders are something you didn’t want on show, but fell in love with a revelling dress (especially if your dress cuts straight across instead of a sweetheart neckline)

*Show's off that hair you've been growing for two years!

Pro's for Having your hair up

*it’s more secure in are ever changing English weather

*it can extenuate your theme and dress by going vintage, elegant , modern or even picking out the sleekness or texture of your wedding dress

*the pictures! Unfortunately loose hair moves in the wind and does at it pleases, with a secure up do you can make sure your hair looks good from all angles

*it’s much easier to fix in volume, veils and accessories

However just like your wedding dress, you will know when you have found the correct style for you. Never be afraid to say you have no clue! Sometimes the most beautiful, individual and memorable hair ups (or downs) come from a bride saying ‘just do what you want!’

Things to keep in mind.

How thick is your hair!? may you need extensions

How curly or frizzy is your hair!? you may HAVE to go up or make time for a 'set'

when you tried on your dress did you push your hair over your shoulders or keep 'pushing' it up? you may have your answer!

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