the harsh truth about box dye

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The harsh truth about box dye – 6 reasons to stear clear

before is start , yes this is partly a 'rant' in some area's its important to know this is something I feel very strongly about. my Sister went into anaphylactic shock when I was younger , from a Box Dye hair colour. (*before I was a hairdresser)

Years later she still suffers with reactions to almost everything , and basically she swelled up so she couldn't breath (I don't need to tell you the side effect to that!) we are very lucky to have her it ended differently for others. please keep this in mind when I get on my soap box!

‘chocolate brown’

The sad truth is one size does not fit all, chocolate brown or N55 or 5/35 is going to turn put differently on different hair, its ‘General’ the company has put little or no thought into your hair individually, is it thick, thin , grey, pre lightened?

Basically most box dyes are formulated with a maximum amount of pigment and ammonia, so it works on MOST people. But it’s all unnecessary damage, fills your hair (and makes in a nightmare to fix) and increases the chance of an allergic reaction

And no, an ammonia free ‘box’ isn’t going to help, the best are found in salons.

Knowing your stuff

This is perhaps my biggest bug bare, a hair colour meant to cover grey is hugely different to one that lifts and different again to one that tones your hair.

Box dyes are unpredictable, because you don’t know what’s in it, or the ‘laws of colour’

There’s far too much to put in one Blog, (3-6 years of training) for instance do you know your natural colour? 5/0? 8/0? 3/0? What tone are you 1? 34? Ash? Gold?

And In what brand? As an example these are three brands with the ‘same’ colour

All chocolate brown – 5/CG 5/35 5/65 – confusing ay! To make it worse 55/66 could send you a pretty bright deep purple in a different brand! This is just the tip of the iceberg; even if you managed to pick up the correct colour it’s the knowledge of your own hair, and how it’s going to react!

will putting 10/1 on 5/0 ? will that turn you a nice light ash blonde? …. Nope.

Dimensions? Natural look?

Nope! Box dye contains just one colour; and applying it all over will give you just that.

One boring flat colour with no shine,

Or you have another option, buy the wrong colour and end up with a ‘rocket lolly’ effect

Orange roots, red mid-lengths and ends (not exactly the dimensions wanted!)

We (hairdressers) understand and use a huge range of colours this is a formular for example this is one of my full head tint formulas (for a regular client)

10cc 5/0 10cc 5/35 10cc 6/75 and 20/cc 6/55

Now I know this won’t make much sense and sound ‘mumbo jumbo’ to you but , but there a lot of time and effort went into finding that perfect balance to over grey and have a beautiful rich mahogany that fades into a lovely golden brown, oh and covers grey!

My point is, you can’t get that from a box, or the love that went into finding it.

Ombre and pastels in a box

*climbs on soap box* just no, please please no!

Even if you do manage to ‘pre lighten’ your hair the reality is you will need much more than ‘one application’ of bleach (yes bleach, if your box dyes says to use high lift tint its lying…. I’ll let you work out why, but it WILL be expensive to fix!)

You should NEVER dye your own hair but bleach is just so much worse! Not only can your hair fall out but you can get chemical burns on your scalp and ears if done incorrectly .BURNS!

to lift hair takes knowledge and skills, do you need 6% 9% or 12% to lift your hair? the wrong choice will leave you bight orange or BOLD! Be aware!

I have seen hair actually SMOKE due to ’over processing’.

YES SMOKE ! A cloud of it.

When it comes to ‘granny grey’ you are more than lightly paying around £7 for a toner, it doesn’t lift or cover grey, and I charge £7-£10.00 for a professional toner! WHAT A RIP OFF!

This isn’t even talking about the technique of applying one (that takes years and the ability to reach the back of the head properly!)

But there so cheap

Oh but the corrections are not!

You have your hair for life, you have it every day and its more than lightly what people use when describing you

Treat it nice or loose it!

I honestly don’t know why box dyes are available to the untrained public, but I can assure you it’s to put money in the makers pockets not to give you wonderful hair!

Actresses/Models are paid big bucks to appear in box dye adverts, I see their hair a week later and it’s been ‘magically’ covered by highlights and toned away’ . Yes Holly that means you!

so yes its brutal and honest and I stood on my soap box a few times, but we are trained for a reason!

if box dyes are really amazing and 'do the job' I (and other hairdressers) would have saved are-self's the time effort and money it took to train in professional colours and used them!

My job isn't easy. it takes years to understand the science behind the chemical reactions of colour , skin and hair.

don't end up in an ambulance , bold or with burns on your scalp.

call a professional

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