Wedding hair prep timeline

Wedding Hair BlogPosted by Lauren Wed, October 12, 2016 12:03:07

7/8 months before – discuss and order products/hair care routine

Find out what products will help your hair, help any problems and enhance your hair, it doesn’t matter to much if you’re not 1000% sure on what style you’re going for, up or down healthy hair is easier to style, shape and create style on!

Tips- medium hair is the best to work with, so by using volume shampoo on fine hair, or oils to make course hair more pliable, are aim is to get your hair as close to ‘medium’ as we can with products, if your hair is already medium (not to thick or fine) it’s about getting it healthy and full of shine, I would suggest ‘SLS’ , Sulphate and harsh chemical free shampoos,

(I use Beever hair care and have wedding hair packages that involve hair care, trials and wedding day styling – and can all be delivered to your door if the package needs swapping around to suit your hair, just ask!!)

6/7 months before- start your hair journey (I can help brides local to Quorn)

Your products have had a good month to work, so pre book your appointment to start that journey, you may want to be longer, blonder, healthier or just get a more polished look ,Box dye can be more damaging and harder to remove, so it takes time! Blonde can’t be achieved over night in most cases; and if the aim is to grow. – Sometimes it’s slow and steady that’s the best approach.

Tips- depending on your colour and cut anything from 4 weeks to every 8/9 , once you’ve had your first appointments and there’s a plan in place book backwards from your wedding so you know your colour and cut will be fresh (and there will be no roots!

3/ 4 months before – trials

Remember to pre book (especially if you need a Saturday!) your hair should have had a little work by now and be closer if not at your desired colour , your close enough to actually get excited, but there is a little time left should you like another trial, or want any tweaks to your colour or cut

Tip- some brides are unfortunately to far away for me to help with mobile appointments, its an idea to take a photo of your trial style to your hairdresser, they may be able to colour according to the style like I do.

3/ 4 weeks before – last colour and cut

Make sure your colour and cut is fresh! You may require a vitamin or conditioning mask or shine gloss, make sure it’s not too close to your big day, as it can make hair feel weighed down for a day or two, but if like most your colour is due 2/3 weeks before, asking for a conditioning mask between your foils whist your colour takes is a great way to get a fresh colour, cut and give your hair one last drink (it shouldn’t affect your hair style, again as long as it’s not too close to your big day!)

1 day before- hair prep

So you’ve been using your recommended products for a good 7/8 months now, your hair should be in the best condition possible, so generally the night before –A good shampoo, conditioner and heat protection (and anything else recommended) will keep you hair safe during the hour or so of styling – add hold, texture and shine and make your hair as beautiful as possible!

Of course we will bring our lotions and potions but the better you treat it, the easier it is for us, and the longer your style lasts! So doing a blow dry is ideal!

Tip- we say night before! But talk just ask, all hair is diffrent, a lot of ‘off the shelf’ products can leave a plastic coating on your hair using the correct products should mean your hair is easier to curl and control so remember to pack them, or re order if needed!

for more information see or contact 07511563997

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Vintage, Retro and Modern hair

Wedding Hair BlogPosted by Lauren Wed, September 14, 2016 19:08:33

So I was lucky enough to attend another training course this year, this one was for Vintage, retro and modern hair styling -

it was in Nottingham and I was extremely lucky to have a great teacher and small class size , so i got the most of my experience!

I am a fully qualified hairdresser, amd i specialise in Wedding Hair ~ however! That doesn't stop me wanting to learn , the amazing thing about hair is its always changing and evolving, theres always new ideas or techniques and even products or styling tools to use!

I also love to feel inspired and try new things! So lets start with the classic stuff - and sorting our Vintage from our Retro....

1920s - hair was shorter in appearance, flatter styles with head hugging waves. ( few layers and normally set wet)

1930s - hair became looser, more sensual with moment, with a big focus on loose curls and long hair (These styles are still popular today)

1940s - with the outbreak of the war. Women had a different role! Waves,curls and rolls especially the famous victory rolls became popular! We also saw 'bangs' and 'fringes ' - these styles let women work with hair in there face or on there collars (Hair nets and scarfs where the chosen accessories - hair padding was made out of old stockings!)

1950s - with the war over, a rise in fashion showed. With Monroe and hepburn - hair became more seductive. Moment and large shares , but strong short styles still making an appearance. Larger hair accessories also started to make an appearance

1960s -the Bouffant and beehives were hot looks! Hair was big, backcombed or very flat. Bobs also coming into fashion.

~ a few modern cuts can unfortunately make vintage hair either hard work or impossible (very short layers can make setting or rolling hard work) I had a great time polishing my skills up,and gaining more knowledge. These are a few snaps of the styles i created #hair

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Taking on psoriasis naturally

The Dyslexic BloggerPosted by Lauren Thu, September 08, 2016 19:29:32

Psoriasis is a autoimmune skin disorder/condition it can affect the entire body, but usually shows up in the scalp, body and is most common on joints.

I’ve had ‘P’ since I was around 15, and I was covered, I was lucky to not have much on my hands or face (as it’s hardest to hide) however my scalp always has been the worst! Anyone with P knows, it’s a red, itchy, flaky and THE most annoying thing, it’s painful; it can weep , bleed and you know that feeling when someone mentions nits? Yeah… your head itches, you can feel them crawling?

That’s a bit like scalp psoriasis! Except, when you itch, you get these lovely white flaks fall on your shoulder (and I have to say, 4 years of black uniform and what felt like a constant snow storm on my shoulders– I can’t emagen anything more annoying! )

So, obviously I was filled full of prescription after prescription, It was expensive, smelly (some medication really stinks. Like cold tar! Eww!) And none of it really seemed to work, or had side effects.

Now before I start, I want to point put I’m obviously not a doctor, and I chose my words very wisely ‘taking on’ not curing, healing or magically making go away! You have to take on P because it’s a fight, and its long term, You can get it under control, and then get ill or stressed and BOOM!

Its back!

It took a long time for me to see a difference… but this is how I took on my psoriasis naturally

Soak it up- let’s talk bath, it softens an soaks skin and joints, adding dead sea salts (or my favourite) Epsom salts to your bath can help remove excess skin, keep it warm and try to stay clear of bubble baths *see ‘nasty chemicals’

Nasty chemicals – ‘SLS’ is the nasty chemical that is in almost all bubble baths and hair shampoos (anything that bubbles up is lightly to have it in!) it breaks down compounds and irritates aking, SLS is not only (worryingly )in floor cleaner and engine degreaser, it’s something doctors use on a test to irritate your skin and diagnose skin disorders! I started using SLS free hair care range (Beever Hair Care) the Daily shampoo is a natural cleanser and gentle, it’s also helped the P on my body as *see above* almost all bubble baths or shower jell has ‘SLS’ in so as I shampooed it actually started to clear up the P on my body

Moisturise – yes, find the moisturiser that works for you! All we hear is about is ‘E45’ , someone’s sisters , cats , brothers, girlfriend has always been cured by coconut oil or E45 , don’t believe the hype, find your own ; I find swapping regularly is great or my skin just get used to a product, I found a great SLS free moisturiser from Cornwall , natural coconut oil has worked in the past (the proper stuff that’s solid, and has to be rubbed into a liquid) E45 was awful for me! Again, do your research! I’ve also used ‘tropics’ is a very natural products and its really helped my skin and clear up around my ears, and dry patches on my face.

Scrub- yes it hurts, but expholiate! The gloves are brilliant because you don’t need bubble bath or shower gel to scrub, just water Sunshine- if you find any… let me know. But we all know that oh so magical combination of a week with sunshine, sea , sand and less stress

Diet – no mines not perfect, like most (I like chocolate to much) But I find things like coke and other fizzy drinks don’t help, some foods are natural anti-inflammatory (like sweet potatoes, salmon and broccoli) – and of course alcohol and smoking will inflame.

Psoriasis can’t be cured… it just cant. It can be kept under control and helped. Ive found treating naturally gave me some control over side effects, I spent the money I would have spent on prescriptions on products (try SLS, SULPAHTE AND PAREBEN FREE PRODUCTS)

And YES , let’s say the dreaded words (that make you want to punch people in the face)…. “Well, just don’t stress “– (had we known this, well gosh! We would have just changed our personalities and not have stressed…why we didn’t think of that!?)

But stress does affect you! Going natural, it may get worse before it gets better, it may instantly help! It does depend on your stress levels, if it seems like it getting worse, be careful not to give up; it could just be a coincidence with your flare up !

It took a long time, but im so pleased to say it’s the best its ever been!

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Why do colour corrections really cost more?

Hair Advice/Tips and InfoPosted by Lauren Sun, July 03, 2016 21:32:26

So hello summer! Everything gets lighter, brighter and you’ve just booked that holiday – so naturally, your wearing brighter clothes probably feeling pasty and oh so fed up with your hair…

It’s time for a change!

So whats the difference between a colour change and a correction, and why oh why!? Is it so much more expensive!?

There's no sugar coating here, this is really why you are paying more for a correction, than a 'normal' appointment /// Before i start ~ i am a fully qualified hairdresser,but also Dyslexic - so along with no sugar coating; there may be a few spelling and grammar mistakes! - but hay! That me- and im blogging anyway #DyslexicBlogger #ProudToBeDyslexic

A colour change… Generally this is a small change, you’ve been with your hairdresser a long time, and he/she knows exactly WHAT is on your hair, and how it reacts, a simple ‘I’m going away and don’t want to be to blonde’ shouldn’t be too much of a problem, adding a soft lowlight is a small change, it may have no cost difference (as it’s the same amount of product just a shade darker) or just a small added extra for and extra colour, you may find if you have highlights you will need to have a full head to keep it even

however very blonde or stubborn hair may differ, for example its not always as simple as ‘putting a brown on’ applying a light brown to very light hair may turn ‘Khaki’(have a green tinge) a lot of careful planning and time may be needed .

a colour correction, my view (and im sure most hairdressers will agree) if you have box dye on your hair and it needs ‘correcting’ if that’s lighter, dalker, more tones or to cover grey it’s a colour correction, therefore you will pay more (not so cheap now ay!) Basically we don’t train in them, they contain more ammonia (*on average) the is no real lodgic to them, we ask what you’ve applied to try help us decide how to tackle it, and of course we cant get a straight answer, ‘cappuccino’ is NOT a colour,we deal in 5/65 or 5/rc (this totally depends on brand and training, even if your home dye has a code to it, it un-lightly to match ours, for instance 6 can be brilliant red in one brand or fairly boring cool brown in another, not to mention box dyes are invented for ‘everyone’ and they do just that, they are just a flat colour that goes on, if you’ve box dyed it 10 times and over lapped it will look totally different to someone who’s used the exact same colour just once and again on hair of a different colour… boggling I know!)

our other issue is tint doesn’t lift tint, even if you’re a regular, there is no magic button,if you want to go lighter expect a big sit, bleach and a bill.

So why are colour corrections so expensive?

- Training and education

(it costs us to learn how to do this, believe it or not, hairdressing isn’t for the faint of heart ; it has a lot of science and art involved)

- Time

(and this is a HUGE one, if you’re not a regular or you’ve been using box dye we really can’t guarantee HOW LONG a correction will take, so we make the most educated guess possible (were normally pretty good) but we have to book out A LOT of time for you, and generally a little extra ‘run over’ time, now although it sounds odd, we could have probably fit in another colour and cut in the space it takes to transform your hair, so we have lost anywhere from £40-£95 and well beyond in bigger cities of money before we start! So if you’ve been quoted less than what you pay for two colours and cuts, you’re probably getting a bargain!

- Products

(most colour changes need a special order, we need to make sure the correct colour is in and mostly you can need 2/3 tubes and toner just for yourself – and weather we use the whole tube for you or not, we had to order it for you… and that costs deliver/ time to go out and buy it)

- It’s a balancing act

(making sure your happy, yet lifting your hair carefully enough so damage is minimum is hard work, we need to also spend time doing a consultation , skin test and potentially a stand and porosity test too… sound complicated? Nothing compared to deciding on what colour to use! And we can ask you to use the correct products to enhance our work until were blue in the face… but generally not all follow the advice of a professional, so this may mean your colour may fade quicker or you may have more delicate hair or worse a plastic coating! This means it may take 2/3 goes or need re colouring in-between appointments, or your hair doesn’t take as expected)

*and on this point I do need to say, by enhancing our work, your enhancing your own hair, skin tone and features!

- The lifting process

(and I mean process, ill go back to box dye here as its such a good example to use- so you’ve been dying for 10 years? You’ve had red, chocolate, auburn and deep brown … well when we apply bleach it almost goes through thouse stages, we know if you’ve had red on! We cans see… so during your consultation when you said ‘my reds all grown out now’… hummm. *scream* because its not.. here it is appearing, so now your hair is patchy (because the colours where applied that way, almost like a rocket lolly, because the ends of your hair have more colour than the roots, oh the roots are blonde the midlenghts are red and the ends are orange…. I may have to cancel my lunch! This is again why cost may be higher as with clients we have a detailed client card, we also don’t overlap if its not necessary so hair lifts much smoother and more even!)

- Good old fashioned hard work

You’ve heard of no rest for the wicked? Colour corrections are totally wicked! Haha

You dream about it, worry about it, wake up at 3am with the perfect colour combination, find yourself at the wholesalers simply stoking colour tubes , then you’ve got the actual appointment, yes we stand for a living, but no you never really get used to it. It can be a stressful, painful (my poor feet) and hungry experience (bye bye lunch!) and of course totally worth it in the end, you leave looking like a totally different person and bouncing away from us, it’s worth every second!

So how to save money on a colour correction!?

Crazy I know, but invest in GOOD products, healthy, happy, shiny hair will not only react better for us, but KEEP YOUR HAIR ON YOUR HEAD! Less damage, less chance of falling or snapping under pressure

And of course (you know what’s coming) steer clear of DIY colouring!

But don’t expect it to be ‘cheap’

Remember you get what you pay for, be realistic.

It may take 2/3 sessions, it will take time, money and effort, you will need to look after it and follow advise!

But hay! Nobody ever regretted taking too much care of their hair!

Its such a huge part of your look and how you feel!

And for me… worth every single penny (or should I say pounds?)

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Alice In Wonderland Photoshoot

Wedding Hair BlogPosted by Lauren Sun, June 12, 2016 19:53:56

Alice in wonderland inspired shoot

Now amatively my day didn’t start well, but its amazing how these things can cheer you up immediately!

It’s all about the details -

Walking into the pumping house (Nottingham)it’s such a striking building, I always love the strangest things in buildings- like windows and tiles and this one defiantly didn’t let me down,

I walked in to the table being set up, now obviously being a Alice shoot, the mad hatter theme was just perfect, the table was laced with vintage looking pages from the original book, beautiful settings and lots of quirky stuff for the centrepiece all from Ace wedding designs, Jessie also made a huge rose (so clever) , she has a real eye for detail!

Now I’m a total tea belly and own far too many tea pots, so yes, cups and saucers do excite me! Vintage Tea Party provided the crockery (you can’t have a mad hatter’s tea party without posh tea cups ay!)

We also had shoe’s by Haze , who brought a selection of quirky Alice, tea cake inspired shoes, I love little touch’s like this for shoots, I think shoes add so much personality!

And the cake… now let’s talk about the cake! I thought it was a statue at first, I cannot believe it was edible and a CAKE! My only issue is... it looked far too amazing to actually eat! (haha) I think I’d have to look away when its cut into! (cake by strawberry cupcakes Nottingham)

Hair, Makeup and overall look

we had dresses from Shakespeare in love - bridal boutique (Stratford-upon-Avon) and Fur Coat No Knickers

Now I’m always excited to work with these two lady’s Kerry from Beautiful you MUA, who’s flawless makeup once again looked amazing and Amy from Dolls mad hattery, (yes she was made for this shoot!) who’s artistic, quirky ideas are so wonderful , I can simply mention an idea to Amy and *poof* it arrives , handmade and full of love!

Let’s start with our pin up beauty Amy, who just quite simply seemed to be so pleased to have her hair and makeup done she was open to anything (hair and makeup dream client!) so Kerry led the way with vintage , a path I was oh so happy to follow, I decided on a quirky take to victory rolls, and pin curls, the whole hair was set and put in rolls, I finished with glitter spray and a few blue and silver pretty grips to marry up that amazing bow! Now dolls mad hattery is always a pleasure to work with, this big sparkely bow was surprisingly light and show stopping, and so very Alice! It fixed in easily and had a detachable veil… now that’s cleaver, finished with a silver embroided dress (and more glitter spray) we had our little pinch of Alice, our model Amy AKA ‘the face’ (she’s just SO photogenic is infuriating) is actually from Strawberry Cupcakes (who made the cake masterpiece)

Now to our lovely Jessie, who is now a little pro at photo-shoots, we actually did my ‘small business’ shoot with this beauty, and it was a please as always to have her back in my chair, Jessie does have very fine hair that can fly away easily (thankfully I had my trusty gloss drops from beever hair care!) now Jessie is such a natural beauty, I didn’t want to drown her but I was so excited to do something a little quirky, I’m sure when I said the word Mohawk she may not have been over the moon (Im sure I won her around! :P) but oh I absolutely love how she looked, not every bride could pull off a hair vine, quiff, Mohawk and coloured beads along with such deep lipstick, but what a beauty! (And it really showed off her smile!) with the handmade vine from Dolls mad hattery being across the forehead, Kerry (beautiful you MUA) decided on more delicate eye makeup and stronger lip colour, this worked perfectly with the quirky hair design, I love the pop of colour and different textures used between the hair and accessories! #dreamteam – Jessie out model is actually from Ace Wedding Designs , so she managed to look happy and serein whilst still setting tables and helping the shoot along!

The shoot was organised by That Black and White Cat, who also helped the overall look, and is genuinely a pleasure to work with , and photos taken by Thomas Thomas photography, who thankfully shares my love for ELO, im so excited to see your photos!

Thanks so much for having us,

Were all mad here ….

Plaits And Pin Curls

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NEC Competition – part 2, taking part!

Lauren's BlogPosted by Lauren Mon, May 23, 2016 10:00:25

NEC Competition – part 2, taking part!

Now before I begin its so important to say how amazed I am with everyone involved, to our models who sat and smiled, our local small businesses who really stepped up and of course Kerry , now you may think were used to working under pressure doing wedding hair and makeup, but this was a whole different kettle of fish! For those that don’t know, I’ve been on X Factor and sang in front of 13 thousand people….. This felt worse!

We expected more people, but we were a little shocked. It felt like double from last year!

And everyone involved brought their A game, homemade dresses, head pieces, one lady had a beard! (yes I know, but special effects is an outrageous category!)

We also seemed to a have double the judges, so it really was impossible not to be nervous or be worried we were breaking any rules!

They were so complementary of mine and Kerry’s work; they kept stopping to ask questions, put Kerry especially on the spot and encourage us too, and I think a few seemed to recognize us from last year!

So our first category was winter bridal, and of course Sammie looked amazing, our mood board seemed to be to standard (and nobody seemed to notice my spelling mistake- or where too polite to say haha!) and the dress from soar valley brides and shrug, headband, earing and broach from I do wedding gifts really rounded off and finished our overall look , Kerry’s makeup was just stunning – im defiantly no makeup judge or expert but Sammy lip, eye colour and entire makeup was bridal perfect !

Along with the snowflake hair band (I do wedding gifts) the flower studio very kindly gave us some gyp , these little snowflake like flowers are one of my favoured things to use , and although Sammie has very thin, fly away hair a good set and products soon made it easy to manage (Root Boost from Beever Hair Care gave it some much needed grit and body, and Gloss drops added shine and helped control the fly-aways)

Our overall look

Our second category was work inspired by a book, the Art or Makeup – now your encouraged to put your own spin on things, so for us we choose Great Gatsby and put a classic bridesmaid twist , and oh my gosh, the beautiful Laura looked so elegant and like shed just fell out of a movie, again out bold royal blue dress from soar valley brides was perfect, black shrug, long gloves, art deco feather earing, necklace and hair slide was perfect, and I had so many people complement the peacock feather slide in the back and once again the look just couldn’t have been created without those small businesses, Kerrys makeup techniques caught the eye of a few judges , and possibly the sweatiest group of lady’s who decided to be our unofficial cheer leaders , the makeup was beautifully bold and I defiantly need to get some of the red stick tips! (how does she do it!?)

Along with the two feather hair slides (one peacock) and blue ‘skrew in’ hair jewels , I decides to set curl, pin curl and roll the hair, this was a bit of a challenge in two hours but im pleased to say we managed it! I used Beever hair cares argon oil to give shine and help keep the ends in a good condition and spritz fix for that set and shiny finish.

Our overall look

Now a few days before this competition I was talking to my nan about it, I said were just going to join in, try and maybe feel a little inspired to push ourselves and I’m proud to say we did that!

But im still a little overwhelmed to say we did a little better than that due to our amazing team work I was able to take home first prize for bridal hair!

None of us actually expected to win, so you can emagen my shock! The lady giving the award actually styles hair for strictly, and bless her she gave me the biggest cuddle and told me I’d done fantastic (there were tears im not going to lie!) I think just random letters came out of me, im not sure I actually made any sense (so if you ever find this and read it, I think I was trying to say OH MY GOD THANKYOUUU!) (haha)

When the awards had finished another judge got back on stage, and said he’d just got off the phone as he’d rang head office- he wanted to give another award for hair artistry and skill, but as one didn’t exist nether did a prize (but he would be in touch – eekkk!) , now I know he was pointing at me and asking me to come up on stage AGAIN, but I couldn’t quite believe it, thank goodness for Laura and Kerry snapping me out of my shock and getting me to go up! (yes, more tears… this time was ugly crying) and again, bless him, he shook my hand and told me not to cry, as I deserved it, I think my reply was ‘but I don’t win things.’

To win frist place was amazing, but to have an award created for me – its still not sunk in! im unsure if it ever will!

I was lucky enough to get time with a judge to as for some feedback, she came and looked at my hair styles, she was so complementary about the look we had created and how we worked together, she said my hair was well thought out, neat and balanced, I asked her for some nasty criticism… and this is when the REALLY ugly tears appeared because she said there wasn’t really much she could say! And it was ‘perfect’, they all said they were really impressed with my skill.

I’m unsure if any of it really sank in, but before I knew it I was back on stage having photos with the judges!

I have to say to be so supported by each other and all you lovely lot on Facebook honestly made the whole day a bit surreal – we were all knackered, nervous and totally In heaven, and I cannot thank the girls enough Laura, Kerry and Sammie-

It would not have been possible to win without you! It was such a team effort, and I honestly wouldn't have won without your support and talent!

Thankyou again Beautiful You MUA , for your makeup wizardry and general loveliness (you did yourself proud!)

Oh and of course Tom, who put up with weeks of mood boards, earing dilemmas and who got up at 5:45 to help me load the car and made me pancakes.

Lauren from

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- Hair Plaits and pin curls

- jewls/accessories I Do wedding gifts

- dresses soar valley brides

- flowers flower studio

- hair products Beever Hair Care

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NEC Competitions part 1 – prep

Lauren's BlogPosted by Lauren Fri, May 20, 2016 19:58:43

NEC Competitions part 1 – prep

So im very pleased to say Kerry from Beautiful You MUA and I are going down to the NEC to compete in the beauty awards, I was very excited to be asked along again and out some of our knowledge from last year to help towards this year’s judging,

Now before I start I need to say how overwhelmingly complementary the judges where about Kerry’s work! She is of course amazing, and unfortunately there’s no prize for 4th place but we were told we would have taken it if there was! So win or lose Kerry was ASKED to return by a judge, and that’s an achievement in itself – now this year the competition will be bigger, as it’s a makeup and hair award this time, although my hair was counted towards the overall look, I wasn’t being individually judged like Kerry , this time is different! We will both be timed, watched, marked and judged!

So let me take you through a little of the prep!

We are entering two category’s; Winter Bridal and Great Gatsby (I know perfect, but lets not count are chickens!)

We will lose marks if Kerry uses her hands, are seen to have a messy station, if hand sanitizer isn’t used, if we are not seen to be behaving correctly or looking/working professionally (yeah, pressure!) and that’s just a few ways we can be marked down!

We are also judged on the ‘overall look’ so it’s not ALL hair and makeup , we are both in a fashion industry after all, having beautiful hair and glamorous makeup may not make such sense in jeans and a hoody , so this is where I need to make my thankyou’s – I Do Wedding Gifts have truly gone above and beyond to lend us a huge selection of jewellery and accessories (the peacock feather hair slide has especially won my heart, and is beyond perfect for Great Gatsby) - Soar Valley Brides is always supportive of myself and other little local businesses, and once again she’s gone out of her way to lend us very stunning gowns, and the train on the winter bridal gown is a definite show stopper!

Along with the overall look we also have a mood board to do a little talking for us, and I have to say, there a lot harder than I realised to create! I kind of thought, sure just stick stuff onto a board… but no. the bloggers of this world helped me out! There advice of using buzz words to capture attention, to use lots of different materials, colours and pens , mind maps seem to be loved by all and to be clear on the subject by having a title and using the subject words over and over may sound simple but trying to fit all this information onto A3 was actually a challenge! (One I hope pays off, but you never really know what exactly the judges want to see, and what may impress one ; may seem boring or predictable to another!) I decided to put a personal twist on the board by printing photos of the trials, dress fittings , jewellery and even a few conversations between myself and Kerry to show the time and effort put in!

So its needless to say it will be a EARLY start on Sunday, and there will be a lot of talent to contend with, im sure I don’t need to say how even coming in the top 5 would be a huge achievement to both of us (we are from such small villages, and many others competing will have hired professional models, brand new designer/catwalk gowns and may even be being sponsored by some well-known names, salons or beauty parlours )now we don’t want to give to much away (that will come in part 2) But we do want to say thank you to out two extremely gorgeous and lovely models who have agrees to give up so much time to support out businesses (not just an entire Sunday , but trials and fittings two!) it’s not going to be easy being stared at but you’ll both be amazing!

And obviously the small businesses that helped us, I find it amazing these small businesses took the time to lend us things so important to their business just to help and encourage us the gowns and accessories may not sound important to a hair and makeup comp, but it actually may be make or break!

And of course all or friends, family and clients, all those likes, shares and good luck’s have made us feel very loved J

We will be nervous, but were doing what we love, and win or lose the feedback will help us improve out trade- and that’s extremely valuable

Oh and my last one for Kerry, thankyou Beautiful You MUA for inviting me – lets do this!!

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the Colour Bible

Hair Advice/Tips and InfoPosted by Lauren Fri, April 15, 2016 19:58:19

Rules to stick to if you really want that’s colour to last.

Its okay to turn up with day old hair, but extreme oil can make it hard for the foils to grip!

Don’t wash your hair for 24 hours after a colour, this should be followed every time!

Use a colour safe shampoo and conditioner that will seal those ends

Colour safe shampoos stop water and other nasty bits from flooding your hair follicles and taking your colour with it, cleansing is important but scrubbing with sulphates and parabens will bring your colour and especially toner out in as little as one wash! (what a waste!) (I recommend Beever hair cares colour shield duo at £24.00 – just ask to place a order)

Was in cool water, heat damage isn’t just from straigtners!

Use heat protect! It honestly makes a huge diffence to your hair and colour!

(I recommend Beever hair cares heat shield for £8.20 – just ask to order!)

Don’t use the highest heat possible, it worth taking your time and treating your hair to a blowdry! You may get an extra day before you need to wash your hair, therefor less damage has been done!

Conditioning treatments, anyone heavily bleached or taking a long holiday in the sun should be using a treatment; it penetrates the vortex of your hair like a quick condition cant!

Towel turbans are your friends, if your hair is damaged using an oil is a brilliant way to help out (and give your hair shine again!) pop the oil on and put your hair back into the towel turban, the heat from your hair and head will let the oil sock in better than just applying and drying!

(I recommend Beever hair cars recovery oil at just £16.20, beautiful Argan oil – just ask to order!)

Smoking, fumes and swimming can affect your hair! tell your hairdresser if you do / are around these chemicals/fumes daily! Nicotine can especially turn blonde hair brassy, chlorine can turn you green and petrol fumes can leave an orange tinge, protective measures may need taking (like shampooing twice, using silver shampoo to combat or helping your hair be less porous with oils ect)

Never EVER ever EVER! Use Henna, and if you have done TELL YOUR HAIRDRESSER!

Henna can react, and create a cloud of smoke above your hair, heat it up and end up breaking off! This is serious business – even if you believe it all to be gone, be safe not sorry!

Bleach doesn’t lie, when lifting your hair we can see exactly what’s under it (red, green, black!) if you’ve been dying your hair with box dye for 10 years, a different tone, brand and depth each time… please make sure your smart, start YEARS before a big event like your wedding to get it fixed and healthy again

Just say no to head and shoulders and tresame (these are the worst, there’s more!) DO tell your hairdresser if you use these, we will tell you not to! But at least we can decide on the best method for your hair, these products especially can cause reactions

If you’ve had a allergic reaction – SPEEK UP! Pretty hair is not worth a trip to A&E and could cause us a lot of unneeded stress, obviously we will skin test you- however if you know you will react sometimes the little patch test isn’t really worth it- why stress your skin when you know the service shouldn’t (and won’t be) done anyway!

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