Biggest regrets from brides!

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Biggest regrets from brides!

So I’ve been doing wedding hair a long time, and I’m very lucky because I’m also a fully qualified hairdresser, a lot of brides have me cut and colour their hair on the run up to the big day… and those crazy lot even invite me back!

It’s absolutely lovely, a lot of the brides I did in my first or second year in business are now asking me to style their hair for maternity shoots or cut there little ones hair…they just can’t get rid of me!

And of course in the run up to and after the big event… it’s all wedding chat!

Now I’m only a hairdresser, I can only really advise you on hair!

But it’s so heart-breaking to hear brides regret something on there almost perfect day, that future brides may be undecided on!

Biggest regret-

Getting a friend to do their photos, I hear this so much! The friend getting drunk, and taking wobbly photos…or just standing at the bar and taking none at all! Smudged, unflattering angles and totally in the way or MIA! – I know, I know, it’s such a HUGE expense, but spending all that money on a venue, dress, cake etc.… and having no evidence must be heart-breaking

Not making time; take a second to say hi to your new husband/wife, or believe it or not, you can go the whole day not speaking (other than your vowels)

**top tip; organize a little time, whatever is advised to do a little shooting, just you two! Ask your planner of photographer to have back boards on hand that say ‘thank you’, and after your big day…. You have gorgeous thank you cards to send out! It’s quirky and unique and you can get multiples made, so you just have to personalise the envelopes (saving time and money!)

Taking on too much! Please Please, if you’re a bride or bridesmaid… let that be your only job, I’ve seen many bridesmaids try to do all the others makeup or double up as a videographer, florist (I’ve seen it all!)

And sadly it always ends up the same, there in no photos, there absolutely knackered and in bed by 8pm (or drunk as a skunk, and not in the fun whoop whoop dance way!)The reality is, it is expensive to be a bridesmaid! (Hen-do’s, dresses, shoes, new pants!) please please please , just enjoy it!

Even a fully qualified pro, who does it every weekend would struggle to do their own makeup and everyone else’s and get to the church on time … oh and eat , drink, wee and get ready (these are never factored in for some reason!)

*wedding morning tips

Organise your rooms –

constantly walking from one room to another (especially if its outside and raining) makes it impossible for your hair and makeup artist to keep track of you! (and let’s face it, running around in the rain won’t give you the look your aiming for!)

Try to have a room for hair makeup, a place to dress and food * my next one

I always give a full run down of the morning to the bride at the trial (who’s first, what time, how to have the hair prepped) if you happen to have a disorganised bunch of besties , have another list, that runs ahead so there early and waiting !

My last tip…


Going out to find food always runs the day behind, the smoothest wedding mornings have lots of things around to eat and drink! I’ve had many brides who didn’t have much in, and no time to get to a shop

This ended up with a huge headache and a rumbling tummy when saying there vowels

(I do *gurgle gurgle)

I hope you’ve enjoyed these few tips, and a few regrets from past brides may help the planning towards your big day!

But remember…as long as you’re married at the end.


enjoy every second!!! ... no really! take a BIG deep breath and enjoy!

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