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The Dyslexic BloggerPosted by Lauren Wed, March 22, 2017 21:40:09

So, I have officially lost the plot!

I did something very stressful last year, and obviously didn’t learn my lesson…. Because I’m doing it again! (I know!)

So if you’ve not guessed; I’m extremely pleased to say Beautiful You MUA (Kerry Astill) and I are competing at the NEC hair and beauty UK show,

So why in the mists of my busiest wedding season to date are we taking on a nationwide competition?

Apart from not learning our lesson, we absolutely love to push ourselves, and I know with confidence Kerry will agree with me 1000% (not with my bad spelling, but with my blog in general!)

Being self-employed, it’s very easy to not learn, not to keep pushing yourself, to become comphy and do the same things on repeat.

There’s no mandatory meetings, training or improvement days when your self-employed; you’re your own boss, Its up to you to take training, improvement and creativity in your own hands and the competition certainly pushes you, it’s amazing to feel creative and terrified at the same time! (Sounds mad I know)

So… were going back, (ahhhh)

For those who have followed me for a while you may remember I ACTUALLY WON last year, it was so incredible and an absolute shock, and I still giggle at my 1st place trophies when I see it (I have a trophies that’s not just ‘thanks for taking part at sports day now!) and I honestly can’t thank everyone enough for their support, it really was a unexpected and crazy experience; and I absolutely could not have taken any prizes without the support of the team, (Kerry, Laura and Sammie) the businesses that helped us out (soar valley brides, I do wedding gifts) and everyone who supported and helped me at home!

However it does make this year even more terrifying going into it!

I’m trying not to feel pressure!

Last year the categories where right up my street (I hit lucky!) we were set the task of winter bridal and a great Gatsby (vintage up do)these are things I get to practise a lot! So although I really wasn’t expecting to win, and it was still hard work – I found my timings easier and we really where just there to be their!

This year they have asked on both competitions for ‘high fashion’ or ‘Avant guard’ (especially in the second category!)

So we are in the position of doing unusual hair and makeup for our second category , under the eye of a lot of stick rules and judges (leaving us not as practiced in theory, product or timing!)

So… were nervous!

So what the process of competing?

we start with the mood boarded (judged and marked) face charts (Kerry’s work judges and marked) dresses and clothes, accessories too (yes, even in a makeup and hair comp, it’s all judged!) even mine and Kerry’s clothes are judged! (haha, there goes my points! …. Do I even have a uniform!?)

For instance we can lose points just for warring large earrings!

And even what we are talking about, or if we are talking too much,

Kerry can lose points for using her hands, not explaining products properly when asked, and usually gets grilled with questions id actually just cry at!

If out model is in the wrong position, (to close or far rom the table) if Kerry doesn’t clean her hands or brush or whatever properly...yep! Points lost!

And after all that, they even mark how tidy your table is! So under all that pressure… yep you’ve got to put lids on things and keep it all in line, clean, clear and obviously safe!

And of course… in-between all this – were actually judged on hair and makeup

For Kerry, application, Knowledge, Timings, photo finish, product use, product choice, flawless-ness (yes that’s a word) look, finish, prep, and… well since I don’t own foundation; I won’t try talk you though it all! (ha!)

For myself, time, neatness, balance, product, team work, tidiness, creativeness, end result…and more I try not to think of!

So what’s our aim this year?

To participate! Get out of our comphort zone, learn, and expand!!!

Push out creativeness! (Pick up some hair and makeup skills and knowledge from the watch and learn shows whilst were there… also; BARGINS!)

But mostly….feedback, it’s so valuable! And seriously…. You can learn so much!

The judge’s feedback last year was huge for me especially! To take on ways to improve or just feel confident in my work! It was amazing to talk to people at the top of your field and get genuine 3rd party feedback!

They are always so pleased with Kerry’s work every year, and they always invite us back!

There is a lot of pressure after last year’s win, but as long as we take part, and push ourselves – that’s all we need! But we seriously can’t thank everyone enough for their support … we will need it!

Win or lose! It’s a great way to both put ourselves though unnecessary pain (ha!) and learn!

We need your support again! But we do go to learn, push , expland! To give out brides better service #hairuk #beautyuk

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