What a Opportunity!

The Dyslexic BloggerPosted by Lauren Mon, February 12, 2018 12:26:26

So it’s been a busy week at Plaits and Pin Curls, and I have been meaning to blog, but I am not sure where the time goes!

But this will be a two part Blog, ‘The Run Up’ and ‘After’

Because I have something exciting to do, and I am so excited to share my experience with you! – but it felt a two part-er!

So welcome to the run up! (I will add after … well… after!)

So what is happening?

A few days ago I got a phone call from one of the judges I met at Hair/Beauty UK

If you don’t remember , myself and Kerry from Beautiful You MUA entered into a competition at the NEC in Birmingham, it’s a huge event that’s Pro only and sees hair , beauty and Barber professionals from all over the UK compete, teach, learn , sell and buy!

It’s massive, and thousands go! And you usually manage to spy someone from the telly! (flash back to that awkward year I met one of the TOWIE girls and had no clue who she was until she asked if I wanted a selfie, and could see my confused face; sorry I did wonder why people where taking photos! )

This year I was so proud to keep hold of my Bridal Hair Winner title from last year, but also amazed to gain a ‘Best in show’ trophy too! It was lovely to be chosen as best in the competition for hair, and a huge honour to come home with two awards! And one of the judges that chose me as the overall winner, got in touch to invite me to be a part of his styling team at London Fashion Week!

Now if you’re not sure, London fashion week is one of ‘The Big 4” in the fashions WORLD!

I’m sure you’ve seen the celebrity’s take over the front row, it runs from the 16th-20th of feb 2018 and is showcasing designers autumn/winter collections; and see designers like Mulberry, Burberry , Mary Katrantzou and many more!

I know, I know I want to watch too, but it’s a invite only situation! But lucky for us there’s live streams available, many directly on designers pages! (so hopefully I can watch after, or find a gap in the curtain!)

I’ll be back stage in the thick of it, I have no clue YET on styles, numbers, timing, who I’ll be helping or WHAT I’ll be doing, hairdressing is a very strange job – its most lightly I won’t actually know until the day exactly what is expected of me!

Yes, its stressful! But its also an amazing opportunity, not one I ever thought id receive!

Either way I have been invited to be a part of a very talented team and that feel AMAZING!

I have a lot to learn (because you never stop learning!), if the only job available is to sweep up, believe me I’ll be the happiest sweeper in the world! – I really am just happy to see, learn and be backstage at a place so few people ever get to go!

I’m sure I’ll be running off adrenalin! But I hope I can enjoy myself and actually get my hands on a model or too!

With every opportunity like this, its short notice and a lot to arrange, your never totally sure what to expect (style one girl? 10 girls? 50 girls?) there’s no telling!

But I’m excited either way!

I’ve just about sorted all my travel, and arranged everything I can with the little info I have !

(This isn’t strange, this is how the industry works, you can get a ‘style’ and it be changed last second depending on the lead, designers and show! Hairdressing is a lot of thinking on your feet, and dong it fast and well! )

One thing I am sure of, there will be no time to sit and relax, it will be GO GO GO!

So lucozade in one hand, hairspray in the other, ill be in London – part of the styling team

For opening night at London Fashion Week!

Wish me luck! (& that David Beckham falls instantly in love with me, and buys me a holiday home with its own infinity pool…. I’m sure that’s possible? We can wish!)

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