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#allwomensphotoshoot – body confidence and what happened behind the scenes !

So you may have noticed, Ive been littering my pages about my recent #allwomensphotoshoot – but what exactly was it? Why did it happen? And will it happen again? This, and some back stage sneak peeks , ALONG with some snippets of our anonymous feedback forms ( yes!) are all coming your way!

So WHY!?

We wanted to support all women, give all sizes, ages , hights and personalitys the chance to feel impowered, feminine and beautiful!

We wanted to use real , genuine relatable women to model, so social media isn’t full of unrealistic, airbrushed perfection!

Our hopes is to inspire real women to feel more confident, uplifted and even step infront of a camera, stop worrying that the media may make them feel they are “too” to feel that way.. “too” curvy, “too” old, “too short” ( I could go on and on!)

We want women to support women, female ran buisnesses, or just a ‘you look amazing!’

Its not always easy being a girl, theres a lot of pressure to look how these models look, the issue is – it’s a bit of a loosing game. THEY don’t look like that (hello photoshop!)

I WANT to see a short girl model a dress, so I as a short girl can actually tell where it will fall! , I WANT to see cellulite so I feel more normal about mine – and I don’t want to be told what I can and cant ware because of my size, shape, age , hight – ill have pink hair when im 80 thankyou very much! (turns up spice girl song!)

Model feedback “ I felt like a million dollars!”

So what happened?

So I got 8 girls vairying from size 8- 22 ages 21- 53 to start our journey of giving more confidence and supporting ALL types of women, I provided hair styling, Kerry from Beautiful you MUA , on makeup to enhance their natural beauty, and help them feel confident! (were not spreading th message you HAVE to have you hair and makeup done, after all I rarely ware any, but I cant deny I feel AMAZING after a pamper, self care or just after sitting in a pro’s chair!)

I paired the girls up into two’s the best I could, sneakely trying to work out who may have not under normal circumstances met or made friends (due to location or personality or shyness!) and let them loose made up with a posh frock (by popsy clothing!) and the stunning back drop of stoke rochford hall, and Frankie from pink photograpics of course to keep them laughing and snap some gorgeous photos,

And the girls totally took the message and ran, throughout the day I heard “you look amazing in that” “oh I love your hair” “look at that lippy” – women uplifting women!

And real friendships where made ! (this make me SO happy!)

I mean just the simple act of Kerry out MUA bringing a birthday cake for Kay (ne of our models) and making a hue fuss, even though it was infact her birthday a few days after – these little acts women preform daily, they never seem to get noticed; nobody ever really applauds yu for just being you!

Model feedback “I was made to feel so special”

So bearing in mind this was our first, think of it like a test run – we were expecting a few thing to ‘go wrong’ so we could learn… but im so excited to share some of the anonymous feedback from the girls

Over all we scored 77 out of 80! On our feedback forms!

Question :

What was your favourite thing about todays shoot?

3 random answers

“meeting fabulous ladys!”

“Frankie putting me totally at ease, loved the message and that you all believe so strongly in it* (*supporting and empowering all women!)

just feeling relaxed and happy and BEAUTIFUL


Model feedback “ wonderful hair, makeup and dress – brilliant!”

So will we be doing it again!?

YES!!! Do keep an eye outf for our facebook page - all women photoshoot or, we want to keep providing the experience as well as keeping spreading messages and encouraging women to just be themselves, and im so happy I can be a small part of that!

A huge THANKYOU to all the models for being such sweethearts! (and gorgeous!)

Frankie for her hard work, and even taking on sunburn to get the job done and basically just being my saviour though all of this, you wouldn't believe the work that's needed, in fact I know that because I thought I knew..... but man! was I wrong!

Cherish for her beautiful dresses, each one was so indervidual just like our girls

Kerry, for being her usual talented self

And for once (since this is all about self love!) I’m going o for once give myself a little pat on the back! (only took 26 years haha!) I’m really passionate about this, us girls – we don’t have it easy; its hard to be different or quirky- and I hope to carry on helpingspread confidence.

Its not all about sparking confidence and making women feel amazing (and giving them that model experience!) its about women supporting women too! We had a all-female supplier list and our lady’s ranged from ages 21- 53 and sizes 8 – 22 to really help celebrate all kinds of girls!

And not only that, even to our surprise – wed really hoped the girls get on board with our message , help and encourage each other ; but we never expected genuine heartfelt moments and genuine friendships being made! – women rock!

check us out - or

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